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    Linda C

    Anyone try this brand of frozen raw?

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    There are 2 other threads for this food:



    They don’t contain that much information. It would be really helpful if we could get Hound Dog Mom’s opinion on it but from what I saw of the analysis, I would not feed it.

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    Linda C

    Thank you! I’ll avoid it…too many questions.

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    Something so cheap always warrants a close inspection. It’s too good to be true. Also, I know some people in Central Florida go all the way down south (Stuart) for cheap raw food from Pete’s Meats. It seemed ok at first until I bought $140 of supposedly organic ground beef that turned out to be rancid. I tried emailing, texting, and calling the guy and he never got back to me. I ended up losing the $140 as I just cut my losses. I don’t deal with him anymore and I warn other people away from his poor quality raw product. Always investigate “good deals” thoroughly and buy small at first so you don’t lose out a ton of money if it doesn’t work out.

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    Alta K

    I have been feeding 4 dogs: doberman, pit/mastiff, white GSD, and a pit mix Tefco Performance Dog Diet for several months. I was previously feeding my own raw diet and my dogs love the Tefco Performance Diet.

    Full disclosure, I became the Tefco distributor for NE Florida (NE Florida Raw Dog Food, LLC) after seeing how my dogs thrived on the Performance even though I was feeding a balanced raw diet.

    I have seen this food turn around chronic health issues in a matter of days. I have had customers whose dogs came straight off kibble to Performance and experienced no digestive issues and loved the food right off the bat.

    Many of my customers were previously feeding far more expensive raw food products and have reported to me that the Tefco is superior. I have everything from breeders and high level competition dogs to rescues and family pets eating this diet and nothing but rave reviews about how much their dogs love the food and how much they love the quality and results. I have many customers in the area and not one single complaint.

    Performance Dog Diet is 100% pure beef with a raw feeding ratio of 80-10-10. It is preservative free and complete nutrition supplemented with vitamins and trace minerals.
    It contains green tripe for pro and pre-biotics and trachea as a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin . It is only sold through independent distributors so customers can have a personal relationship with a distributor who is knowledgeable about raw feeding. The beef is on the hoof until a shipment is ordered. It is processed then flash frozen at 40 below to kill bacteria then shipped and kept frozen by distributor.

    If you have any questions about the food you can contact Jerry, the owner through the number on the website: http://www.paleodietdogfood.com/contact/. He will also gladly put you in touch with the Animal Nutritionist (Ph.D) who developed the Performance Dog Diet formula if you have a question he can’t answer. I can be contacted through my Tefco Raw of NE FL Facebook Page with any questions.

    Beef, Tripe, Trachea, Finely Ground Bone, Salt, Egg & Trace Minerals. You can view the list of vitamins and trace minerals here: http://www.paleodietdogfood.com/performance-dog-diet/

    Alta Kremp, NE Florida Raw Dog Food, LLC

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    Rich W

    Ive been feeding my 7 yr. old Bernese Mtn. dog this Tefco food for about 2 months.
    My dog loves it, she also has more vitality at 7 than any other Berner Ive ever seen, and she lost 20 lbs (from 120 to 100)
    My vet approves and says the dog looks great and is in good health.
    Also, its the most economical raw beef dog food Ive seen.
    5 stars from me and Bindi (dog)
    Highly recommended!!!

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    Rebecca D

    My dog’s been eating this a month now with no issues whatsoever. She had one wierd poop in the beginning and then fine. Her output has seriously decreased so it makes me wonder how much crap is in those high end kibbles! She also has a very sensitive stomach and has been known to projectile vomit when given certain brands of food and treats. I’m pretty impressed with the quality and price. All her tubes have always smelled like very fresh red meat with a hint of tripe. I have no complaints except I don’t have a distributor close to me, so we have to drive further than I’d like to. Maybe I should consider becoming one…??

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    Sloane K

    Glad to see some positive results on the raw diets!

    Quick question – is frozen raw the same as free-dried raw? And if not, what would the differences be? & What would be preferred?

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