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    Katrina T


    I am the proud Mom of two dachshunds (Easley and Carson) and a random furry dog (Jasper) 🙂 (plus a smattering of cats)

    Jasper and Easley are senior dogs and used to have another senior dachshund friend who had some really specific food allergies so they were all fed her diet… after she passed last summer we sought to switch them to something more their taste. The rescue we got puppy Carson from was feeding taste of the wild so we just kept him on that – and the big dogs started stealing his food. (so did the cats)

    We have been considering switching EVERYONE to the brand as it seems to have gone over well – but wanted to get everyone’s opinion. It has 4.5 stars but isnt an editors choice? Is there a specific reason for this? Something I am missing?

    I just want to make sure I am feeding them the best I can afford!
    (unfortunately i am a vegetarian and making them food from animals on my own is out of the question – meat makes me sick)

    Thanks in advance for any advice! 🙂

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    Toni M

    Good question. (Following.) Also would like some info about TOW Small Breed Canine Formula.

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    Michael C

    I have used Taste of the Wild several times over the years (I rotate my dogs’ foods from brand to brand almost evry time I buy dog food) and currently have a bag of TOTW. I think the Editor’s Choices might change from time to time (monthly?), but one reason TOTW might not be on their Editor’s chouce list (just my speculation) is that TOTW is made by Diamond Pet Food products and Diamond has had a number of recalls over the years (some voluntary). But I have used a lot of foods manufactured at Diamond Pet Foods facilities over the years, Diamond Naturals, TOTW and Premium Edge among others, and have never had any problems. I like the TOTW varieties that have over 30 percent protein, and I think Dog Food Advisor rates those as 5 star foods. … I just checked and TOTW is on the Best dry Grain Free Dog Foods list

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    Mary A

    Following as I have a puppy and tried switching him to totw, and he seemed as though he didn’t car for it. So I am not sure it’s from switching or the food before that but he ended up with an upset stomach.

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    Joelle V

    I have fed Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream, the salmon canned food for several years. My Portuguese Water Dog who has a very sensitive stomach, and I supplement for this, has done well. Interesting to see your post because after TOTW changed the food visually, it is a lighter color, and soft chunks are larger, and I saw nothing of a formula change, I started looking for other fish based canned foods. I just tried Instinct salmon on the best list, and it is unfortunately a pate, and these seem harder to eat for my dog. She gulps her food. I have tried others best rated too, including Weruva tuna. I like this one, but it seemed that my dog has less energy on this food. So, I am may go back to TOTW canned even though it is not a 5 on the list.
    If anyone has a great salmon that is not a pate, please let me know!
    Thank you!

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    Lynn J

    I think TOTW is not on the Editor’s Choice list because it is made by Diamond and in 2012 Diamond had a recall that was handled pretty badly and many, many dogs were affected. It has been 4 years, so perhaps improvements have been made to their manufacturing facilities.

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