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    Hi, all. I’ve just recently learned through initially “Dogs Naturally” magazine and then numerous other sources about the dangers and shortcomings of synthetic vitamins and minerals in almost all commercially prepared dog food whether dry or canned. The stuff is derived from toxic materials and since it is so much less expensive than whole food sources, they use them.
    There is only one commercial food, Nature’s Logic, that I know of. I had wanted to try Brothers Complete, but they have synthetic also (sodium selenite, etc.). Sometimes my very discerning golden ret. pup doesn’t want her raw or home cooked fare and she will eat a little kibble or canned. Very difficult puppy to feed. So, let’s help spread the word about the synthetics. It is just as important as not feeding Beneful or Ol Roy. Even human vitamins has it unless it is “whole food” supplements. The articles state that quite a few problems that dogs have can be linked back to these artifical supps.

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    Fwiw, Mulligan Stew is another brand that does not use synthetic vitamins/minerals.

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    Both Nature’s Logic and Mulligan Stew are regulars in my rotation and I use them with great results.

    I’ve also recently done some research on supplements in search of one that has added Taurine for my Cavalier and found that Nature’s Logic has a great whole food vitamin / mineral supplement called All Food Fortifier, which has no synthetic ingredients.

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    Betsy, I think Mulligan Stew’s canned food has no added vits/mins but their kibble does add some in, like vit. e, zinc and vit. d3. I’m actually feeding the Mulligan Stew canned food to my dogs as a topper and it’s my cat’s current wet food of choice. I just got a 5 lb. bag of the salmon kibble to try with the dogs. Stella couldn’t chew the bigger pieces back when I first tried it. Laverne doesn’t like Wellness because of its shape but seems to love the M.S. kibble. It’s a little softer due it being a baked kibble, I guess. I am using Fromm Salmon a la Veg as their base kibble right now, but would like another to use.

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    Gloraidy R

    I’m also looking for a free of synthetic vitamins and minerals, grain free/good for sensitive dogs to allergies, and i can make it into a rotational dry kibble diet(cans are too expensive to feed to large dogs and i dont have the fridge space for a raw/home made diet). I recently heard of different studies (done with humans, not dogs so it might/not apply) where the researchers compared the health of people who took synthetic vitamins from pills and those that took their vitamins from their diet(vegetables, fruits, meats ect.). They found that those that took synthetic vitamins had higher occurrences of cancer than those who ate their naturally occurring vitamins in foods. Here are two sources where you can get this info from: http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/selenium-vitamin-e-supplements-increase-decrease-prostate-cancer-risk-201402287059 , http://www.cancer.org/healthy/eathealthygetactive/acsguidelinesonnutritionphysicalactivityforcancerprevention/acs-guidelines-on-nutrition-and-physical-activity-for-cancer-prevention-diet-cancer-questions
    “Can nutritional supplements lower cancer risk?
    There is strong evidence that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods may reduce the risk of cancer. But there is no proof at this time that supplements can reduce cancer risk. Some high-dose supplements may actually increase cancer risk.”

    so please help me find one >.< for my very special adopted senor furbabies.

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    My biggest issue with dog food (most dry & canned), is the vitamin premix. If the ingredient label contains a list of vitamins & minerals, it is EXTREMELY likely that those vitamins are sourced from China. China is contaminating products with melamine which is why dogs are becoming ill and dying. It is NOT salmonella. Dog food manufacturers are not required to disclose the sources of ingredients. ONLY where the product is manufactured. I stick with a raw food diet. i wrote extensitely about these issues on my website essentiallydogs.com. You can type keywords on the website search bar. Raw, salmonella, and FDA are good keywords to search.

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    Robert M

    Acana Heritage does not list any synthetics.

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