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    heytsu l


    My dog has been having loose stool issue for a few months now. He has been on Orijen since he was a puppy, which was fine but after his surgery and switch to the adult formula things have not got back to normal. I’ve tried feeing him a raw diet but he kept regurgitating and then refused to touch anything raw all together, switched back to dry food this time Belcando lamb and rice formula ,which improved the situation a bit but the stool still wasn’t great. After that I’ve been feeding him Terra Canis grain free cans ,which he loved and things were similar as on the lamb & rice dry food; I still had to clean his butt multiple times a week because of soft or runny stool.

    The vet suggested Royal Canin Sensitivity Control, which made things better the first week or so but after that things kept getting worse. His stool went back to loose and he kept licking the floor ,which he has never done before. They tested his stool for parasites and it came out clear. Now the vet told me to feed him Royal Canin Hypoallergenic formula for six weeks exclusively. And then if that doesn’t work, we will look further.

    He has been on this formula only two days and he has woken me up at five in the morning both days, desperate to potty with full blown diarrhea. He also shakes his head, and scratches his ear a lot. He has been farting all evening yesterday. The smell was horrendous. Could he just be adapting to the new food or is it already showing that this is not the right type of food for him? I’m a little lost as far as what the best thing to do is right now. I want to listen to my vet but it’s been going on for so long with little to no testing done that I’m starting to get a little impatient. How long before I can safely say the food is making things worse/ or at least not helping? What can I request from the vet other than a blood test (she didn’t want to do it until we try this food)?

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    Call the vet and have her call you back, explain what is happening. I would try to work closely with your vet, prescription food and all.
    However, since the symptoms have been going on for several months and the dog has not responded to treatment I might ask her for a referral to a specialist, either a veterinary dermatologist or an internal medicine specialist.
    You can use the search engine here to look up “environmental allergies”

    PS: I am assuming routine labs/tests have been done and medical issues (other than allergies) have been ruled out.

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    heytsu l

    Thank you, so, I went to the vet to tell them about all the symptoms as per your advice and because it’s the worst reaction to any new food he has ever had. They gave me some medicine for diarrhea, and told me they need to hold a meeting about it and will get back to me on Wednesday. In the mean time, they said to keep feeding him RC Hypoallergenic. I am pretty overwhelmed with this issue so I didn’t question it much but then I talked with my mom on the phone (she is a nurse) and she told me it’s absurd and I should not give him any more of this food due to the severity of the symptoms. I got a bit scared and I don’t know what to do. The vet’s office is closed now so I can’t inquire about it again at the moment. Do I feed him the food again until they call as the vet said or would it be better to not risk it? Sorry, if this is a stupid question but my mom has really freaked me out a bit ,telling me how bad an allergic reaction can get. Especially as I am alone now with no car so if something was to happen I can’t drive Bean Bean to the vet immediately.

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    Mary G

    Hello! We rescued and adopted a little beagle who had a lot of health issues, one of them being bloody diahrrea every other day. After tests, ghere was no medical reason for it. Aside from that she had bladder stones which made it worse as far as food choices. I did some research as vets were not finding anything and found a fb group for natural food called K9 nutrition who is ran by Lew Olson. I asked for help and she suggested I give Lola probiotics and supplement her witb L-Glutamine. I could not find a formula for dogs here in Mexico but found it at GNC. Nowadays I give her a crushed tablet in her dry food and mix in kefir. It has been a slow process but she has improved dramatically. Lew has written a book on natural food for pets. You might want to look into that. I was out of my mind worrying about her bit thankfully she is much better. Another suggestion would be to get a referral for a nutritionist who might give you a list of ingredients to feed natural home-cooked meals which will help. I hope this info helps!!

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    Mary G

    Your doggie might be allergic to an ingredient which all those fooods have in common.

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    Well, in that case, if the dog is sick on the food prescribed, consider giving a bland diet (boiled white rice and boiled chicken). Did you ask the vet about this? Any reason this would be contraindicated? Have you tried the bland diet before? What were the results?
    Check back with the vet first thing when they open in the morning.
    Maybe add a tiny bit of the prescription food in with the chicken and rice…see how it goes.
    Also, if the situation gets worse, know where the nearest emergency veterinary clinic is located and have their phone number ready.
    If you call your vets office they usually have instructions as to where to contact in case of an emergency. Some even have an on call vet that can be paged to call you back.
    I would be very leery of homeopathic remedies and miracle cures.

    PS: How old is your dog? What breed? That doesn’t make any sense about a meeting on Wednesday and they’ll get back to you?

    Maybe it would be best if you got another opinion (not the internet) but a different veterinarian.

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    Hi Heytsu,

    Change vets ASAP sounds like you have a vet that doesn’t know what she is doing??, some vets are awful, same happened with me with my Boxer years ago, now I have a rescue Staffy named Patch who has IBD we had to see 3 vets before we found a really good vet that wasnt into just feeding these vet diets, vet diets don’t agree with some dogs…. Vet should of prescribe “Metronidazole” antibiotic for stomach & bowel taken twice a day every 12 hours with a meal… for 14-21 days

    Alot of dogs who have IBS/IBD symptoms do very well on a grainfree dry food that has limited ingredients & have Sweet Potato & Potato & only has 1 meat protein, what country do you live?
    I live Australia & we get the Royal Canine Sensitivity Control & so does Europe/UK
    My Patch did really bad on all the Hills & Royal Canine vet diets, the only vet diet that worked was the Eukanuba Intestinal Low Residue dry kibble, take vet diet food back & get a refund & see another vet, go on a day your vet isnt there & say I do not want to see her again, thats what I did when Patches vet wouldnt listen & change him form the Royal Canine Hypoallergenic vet diet, it only has 1% fiber this could be the problem, something is wrong with your dog..
    I did Endoscope & 2 x Biopsies you need to do biopsies so vet can see whats wrong, Ultra Scan is NO good, its a waste of money as it still doesn’t give vet any real answers, Ultra Scan is good if dog has a blockage, the biopsies are the best to do..

    Do NOT give any boil any rice as boiled rice can irritates the bowel more sometimes, its very old school boiled rice, now vets recommend boiled potato or sweet potato its more gentle on their stomach & bowel, especially when the bowel is already inflammed, boil some peeled cut up potato & add a lean cooked white meat, like turkey breast, chicken breast or lean pork… feed 3-4 times a day…
    Resting the bowel for 24 hours is good to do, Patch had to rest his stomach & bowel for 48hrs you must give electroytes in water every hour in a 20ml syringe if the dog isnt eating long for a long period of time, look for vet that specializes in IBD & is supportive & more into holistic ways & not into pushing vet diets as they can make things worse… rest stomach & bowel 24hrs then restart food some boiled potato or sweet potato & turkey breast 1/2 & 1/2, feed 4 small treats nothing just the boiled sweet potato or potato & a lean white meat..

    Join this facebook group, “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support” You’ll get heaps of help..You dont have to fed raw diet to join group…

    When you say Surgery, what type of surgery did your dog have & how old is he??

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