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    Hello! I am a long time reader of DFA Forums but this is the first time I’ve actually posted anything. I have two dogs; a 4 year old minpin tripawd (Bean) and now a 4 month old Doberman/Rottweiler x puppy (Jax). Bean has done great on all and any premium food (wet, raw, kibble, he’s been on it all) but the more I read the more I want to just bite the bullet and switch fully to raw. Jax on the other hand, has had quite the hard time with kibble. I got Jax about two months ago and immediately put him on Orijen Large Breed Puppy. He’s had on and off diarrhea since I’ve had him. I figured the Orijen may have just been too much for his digestive system so I transitioned him (VERY) slowly to Natures Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Puppy Kibble. His stools were firm for about three days until the diarrhea started again. I’ve had him tested for parasites and every malady under the sun with only negative results. Right now I just have him on cooked turkey and rice to settle his tummy until I decide on what to try next. I was hoping for some input from all of you lovely people!

    I am concerned about putting a large breed puppy on raw so young, simply because I lack all of the knowledge about his nutritional needs. But so far, here are the options I’ve come up with.

    Honest Kitchen Preference Base Mix mixed with a rotation of raw grinds/meats primarily from Primal and EcoPawz Raw (a local raw company in my area)

    Stella and Chewy’s Frozen Raw (rotation of proteins)

    Darwin’s Zoologics Line (a little out of my budget but they are sounding better and better)

    No matter which I choose, I will definitely supplement with raw goat milk, yogurt, etc. I would also like some input on what kinds of meat I can buy at the grocery store. I’ve only ever bought dog raw from PFE. Sorry for the long post and I’m really looking forward to any and all input. You all rule!

    Sally, Jax & Bean

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    First of all my pup had two months of loose stools and some diarrhea on Orijen. It takes a while for a pup’s buddy to handle that rich protein. Took about 6 months for him to handle all that protein. Now that his 18 months he has no issues with solely a protein diet. He stools are firm. Orijen is considered low protein for my pup nowadays.

    So while his buddy got adjusted I gave him pumpkin and little steel cut oatmeal to form it up

    Secondly since you are new to raw feed him kibble until he is grown. I personally don’t trust commercial raw dog food. Way too many recalls which tells me that their manafacturing and sanitizion process is lacking.

    I don’t feed raw meat fom the grocery store unless it’s the grass fed hormone free meat. My store rarely carries this type of meat. I prefer to shop online for my grass fed hormone free meat sources at online meat stores that are FDA inspected and fit for human consumption. Commercial raw dog food are not federally inspected hence any joe blow can open up a shop in his garage.

    Good luck it ain’t cheap

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    Cannoli- thank you so much for your input. I’ve fed Orijen for a long time and really do trust their product. But I also am keen on understanding that some foods just aren’t right for certain dogs.

    I went ahead and contacted Stella and Chewys to get the Calcium and Phosphorous percentages for each formula AS FED. Once I calculated the ratios, I concluded that every formula except the Turkey had a Calcium to Phosphorous ratio of 1.5 to 1 or lower which to my knowledge is safe for large breed puppies (The Turkey is 1.9 to 1). The S&C rep also helped me calculate some basic feeding guidelines for my puppy which I thought was very thorough and considerate of her! I picked up 2 packages of S&C yesterday and switched Jax over cold turkey from his turkey and rice. He’s had completely solid stools for the first time in weeks and has already began to act like himself. It could be coincidence or it could be the food but either way, I’m glad I did the research and will continue him on this food!

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    Hi Sally Z,

    I haven’t fed any large breed puppies raw but I foster and I have had A LOT of puppies come through my house. The youngest was 3 days old when he came (with his mommy). I weaned him onto raw. Had another at 5 weeks old that ate raw right from first day coming to me. Just had three leave my house a few weeks ago that were six weeks old when I got them and put them all on raw the first night they were with me. I DO feed “complete and balanced” commercial raw foods because I think it is absolutely imperative to feed puppies a balanced diet (this, of course, can be done by those that home prepare too but I just don’t have the time any longer to do it right). I’ve been feeding a wide variety of commercial raw products for over 10 years and to date never had any issues. I do however prefer grass fed and organic but sometimes I have too many mouths to feed to be able to afford it.

    Glad you found a food that works for both of your fur-kids!!!

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