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    Hello- My four year old beagle Henry (who I adopted a few months ago with no history) has been getting ear infections. Vet suggested a grain-free diet may help him. He doesn’t tolerate chicken or lamb. I am looking at Earthborn Coastal Catch formula. Henry came to me a bit chubby and is quite sedentary by nature. I don’t want him to gain any weight. His old food had 380 kcal/8 oz cup. The Earthborn has Earthborn has 435 kcal/ 8 oz cup. I know the food is different in composition… the grain-free is higher protein and fat, but lower carbs and no grain. My question is do I cut his food down due to more calories, even though the calories are not exactly the same? Or, should I feed him the same amount as there are fewer carbs/grains? He only eats one cup of food per day now.

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    Definitely cut down the amount. Good grain free foods are very well digested usually, so you may need to give even less than you would think. The change in food may give him more energy so that he starts burning off the extra calories.

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