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    I’m getting ready to switch my Beagle from her puppy food to adult food. I have a few foods in mind, but can’t decide which one to go with so I was looking for some advice. The foods I was looking at are:

    Taste Of The Wild (Sierra Mountain or Pine Forest)
    Nutrish Peak (Wetlands or Open Range w/ freeze dried pieces)
    Solid Gold (Fit n Fabulous Alaskan pollock)
    4Health (Small bites formula)
    Nutro (Wholesome essentials lamb and Rice)

    I’m looking for something not too high in calories to help her keep a good weight. I would say the top three are the ones that have my intrigue the most. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I’ve done more research and based on calories and fat I think I’ve narrowed it down to Solid Gold Fit n Fabulous (Alaskan Pollock) and Eagle Pack Reduced Fat.

    How important is fiber? The puppy food had 4%, and the two foods above are 6% and 9% and I don’t want to make a big jump if it has negative effects.

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    Also not to post soon one after the other but it won’t let me edit the last post, any opinions on American Journey brand?

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    If your beagle is eating food with 4% fiber and you increase to 6% or 9%, you will see an increase in the amount and frequency of poos and possibly diarrhea. I would look for an adult food that has around 4% fiber and start with that one first. Unless your dog is having digestive issues, there is no reason to increase the fiber that much at once.

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    Thank you very much Cockalier Mom!

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