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    Ive had my toy poodle on Blue Buffalo basics grain free food. She does well on this food and likes it. My problem is i am a little upset about this whole lawsuit with Purina and I feel like I can’t trust them and wanted to switch. so doing a ton of research and decide to try orijin or acana. Luckily she is not a picky eater. Problem is she is having an allergic reaction to both….”red belly”. I’m wracking my brain to try and find another food but am thinking of keeping her on Blue unless someone has any ideas or a similar experience? Thanks for your help!

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    I think you took too big of a step-up in food. BB Basics is on the lower spectrum on protein and has few ingredients, and the other two are relatively high on protein and have a lot of ingredients. Try something in the middle around 4 stars with not so many ingredients.

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    My pups were allergic to Orijen and Acana as well. I still wanted the same quality but way less ingredients. I found Zignature Zssentials and they thrived on it. Still do.

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    Thanks so much for your response. I actually did think of that as well being a factor, after she got the “red belly”. Greatly appreciated!

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    Thank you for your input! I’ll look into it, much appreciated!

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    Julie L

    AnnaMaet great food but I have to order it. I have even called the company and was able to talk about the different food. One of mine has to have a low fat so I started her on AnnaMaet Lean and I have been so happy with this food. Take a look and if you want give them a call they will answer your questions.

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    Dave D

    I would try Eagle Pack dog food and a substitute for BB.

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