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    Ryan Y

    So I’m super worried about giving too much or too little.

    We do an occasional veggie mix of blended greens, carrots, and bananas. Just whatever seems fun I guess.

    Liver occasionally. Gizzards occasionally.

    The supplements I use are salmon oil, Pet Kelp Joint and Bone formula, and Nature’s Logic all food fortifier. Today was the first time I’ve used both together.

    I’ll give eggs and the shell occasionally. And just even got a bone meal powder supplement. bone occasionally. My dog has a chipped tooth…so yeah. Totally different topic there. Yes she’s seen a vet lol

    I guess what I’m asking, is if anyone knows I’m doing too much or too little of a certain nutrient.

    Natures logic says if I do the usual 80/10/10 split it should do the rest and make everything “complete”

    Does anyone have anything else to recommend to make things “complete” other than like the Honest Kitchen haha

    Here is a link to Nature’s Logic

    And here’s Pet Kelp

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    Hi Ryan Y:
    I’m new to raw feeding so I will stick to quoting the tried and true veterans of the field, but I do know that you have to be careful balancing phosphorous and calcium ratios as well as avoiding too much Vitamin A (often found in liver and fibrous carbohydrates like pumpkin). An older post in this forum written by Hound Dog Mom on the topic of Raw Feeding has a wonderful recipe she’s come up with (and also tested against AAFCO standards) that seems easy to make and is balanced as a full vitamin and mineral mix. Reminder that these are vitamins and minerals in their dietary form and not their tablet or pill form if that makes sense. I’ll post it here for you as I’ve copied it for my own use and don’t have time to hunt around for the original post!

    Hound Dog Mom’s Whole Food Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement (for her large dogs):

    4 oz kelp powder
    4 oz alfalfa powder
    4 oz wheatgrass powder
    4 oz spirulina powder
    4 oz chlorella powder
    4 oz bee pollen powder
    4 oz turmeric powder
    2 oz garlic powder

    I know she also uses apple cider vinegar, cod liver oil, Himalayan crystal salt, calcium citrate, coconut oil and various mixed tocopherols tocotrienols in her dogs’ diet, but these would vary with dog size, age, weight and of course the other food items being fed at the time. Again, if you look through the forums, you should be able to find some of her outstanding dietary advice.

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    Ryan Y

    Awesome! That’s great. Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely search through.
    I have seen that username. She seems to know her stuff haha

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