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    I have been feeding Orijen Regional Red ($90 per 29#) for about 2 months now and I’m very happy with it, I feel I can trust the company and my dogs are doing well on it, but I cant afford to feed enough of it to my pit mix (60# 2 yr old). He is eating 2 cups (900kcal) plus a half can of EVO (230kcal) wet food and feels a little too bony for me. I was thinking about adding RMB’s like chicken leg quarters to cheaply boost the amount of food he is getting.

    My questions is would a leg quarter a day add a substantial amount of calories and is there anything I can add to boost the calories. I only have a small fridge being that I stay with my mom, but I can do things like eggs yoghurt etc along with the meat.

    Although I would love to feed raw exclusively to all three of my dogs I work 8-16 hour days 5 days a week and have my younger brother walking and feeding and I dont trust his ability to feed anything other than my pre-set up bowls of kibble/supplements ;)So I would feed the raw meal in the morning before I go to work and he would get his kibble mix in the evening.

    I have no problem keeping weight on my neutered dachshunds and they are actually slightly heavier than I like to keep them.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    If you are adding 20% or less you don’t need to worry about balancing the vitamins and minerals, but if you are adding more than 20% you do need to make sure it is balanced. A leg quarter would definitely be more than 20% of 2 cups + 1/2 can. You do have a little leeway with that as long as your calcium/phosphorus ratio is OK. I’m not sure if a leg quarter would need a little extra meat added or not, it would be pretty close. I would still add a half dose of some kind of animal derived omega 3, maybe a half dose of vit D and E, and some kind of superfood at the very least.

    Hound Dog Mom would be a good one to get her opinion on this.

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    Abady granular food has over 800 calories per cup. You can add this to his current food. You can also add calories by adding some fat like coconut oil or other oil. If he eats 14 meals a week, then 2.8 of those meals can be unbalanced. That might be easier than trying to figure out 20% of one meal.

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