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    a c

    I have been reading this forums for a while now. It really convinced me to start feeding my i dog raw and I thank all of you for that.
    Right now Im trying to find a nice superfood mix. I came across this and was wondering what people think about it. I didn’t come across any ingredients which are harmful. It is called pHresh Greens Raw Alkalizing Superfood. http://shop.phreshproducts.com/phresh-greens-1-month-supply/
    The diet I feed my dog looks like this. He is a male, 55lb 9 month old pit mix.
    AM – 1lb chicken grind
    PM – 1lb chicken grind
    – 1/2lb of tripe and eggs every 2-3 days
    – Carlson cod liver oil, 1 pill every 2 days
    – Carlson salmon oil, 1 pill every day
    – Coconut oil, 4-5 teaspoon every day
    – apple cider vinegar, 1 garlic clove 2-3 times a week.
    I am trying to find good superfood mix and also to supplement with some probiotics, either kefir or yoghurt. I can get them both from the farmers market. Would that be necessary or any store-bought will be just fine?
    Thank you

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    Hi ac-
    I don’t have a lot of knowledge of super foods, but Id like to bump up your post to see if that will help get you some opinions. It looks good to me.
    I add a tsp a few times per week of Nu-Pet Granular Greens made by Ark Naturals to my dogs’ food. They really like it.
    Hopefully you will get some good advice and opinions from this site. I believe that http://www.dogaware.com may have some information on green super foods as well. Take care!

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    Jennifer H

    I bought the “Only Natural Pet Super Daily Greens”. I really like the ingredients, & that they tell you the amounts of each ingredient. I mix it with kefir and Toby slurps it up. It is VERY green though, aha. It’s a bit pricey, but I signed up for their email alerts and was able to score a $5 off coupon when it was already on sale. Just had to pay their dang $6.99 shipping charge.

    I think store-bought would be fine, but I bet from the farmers market would be much higher quality. I just use Lifeway kefir from Walmart, though.

    Will you be adding new proteins to his diet?

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    a c

    Thank you for your replies.
    Crazy4cats- the nupet by ark seems to be good. It has some good ingredient and is specifically for dogs. Might look in to that.
    Jennifer- that’s what I thought aswel. Kefir bought from farmers market should be better. I am going to try it out. They are only here on Saturdays so I have to wait for them. As for adding more proteins, I am going to go with Turkey after I am done with the chicken mix I have. I don’t think I will by a grind though. Instead I want to balance his meal myself. To the diet he has now, I think he can do with a bit more food. I’m thinking of throwing in 1-2 chicken thighs with bone aswel as some chicken breast just to up the amount of food he gets. I might have to add some liver with that too. He still is a puppy and I feel like he is a bit skinny and could do with a bit more food. He is fairly active aswel. I might go for about 2.5-3 lbs food per day.

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    I get supergreens in bulk from Swansons and mix my own usually, because most supergreens for humans have green tea in them. I couldn’t read the ingredient list on your product, so I don’t know if it has green tea, but that’s the common ingredient to avoid for dogs. Good luck!

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    a c

    Serving Size: 1 tsp. (5g)
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Calories 15
    Sodium 5 mg < 1%
    Potassium 60 mg 2%
    Total Carbohydrate 2 g 1%
    Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
    Protein 1 g 2%
    Vitamin A 1088 IU 25%
    Vitamin C 4.2 mg 8%
    Vitamin K 51 mcg 70%
    Folate 7 mcg 2%
    Calcium 28 mg 4%
    Iron 1.4 mg 8%
    Magnesium 4.1 mg 2%
    Selenium 1 mcg 2%
    Organic Parsley powder 712 mg *
    Organic Spirulina 445 mg *
    Organic Wheat grass whole leaf 415 mg *
    Organic Oat grass whole leaf 415 mg *
    Organic Barley grass whole leaf 415 mg *
    Organic Alfalfa grass whole leaf 415 mg *
    Organic Spinach 298 mg *
    Organic Alfalfa sprout 282 mg *
    Organic Collard powder 267 mg *
    Organic Broccoli sprout powder 237 mg *
    Organic Barley grass juice 208 mg *
    Organic Oat grass juice 208 mg *
    Organic Chlorella 193 mg *
    Organic Wheat grass juice 178 mg *
    Organic Alfalfa grass juice 178 mg *
    Organic Kale powder 134 mg *

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    That’s a good one!!

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    l m

    Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete has been a game changer for my dog. It provides him with a balanced, nutritious diet with high-quality ingredients. My dog loves it!

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    Ramesh Kumar

    Hi there,

    It’s great to hear you’re committed to feeding your dog a raw diet! Here’s a few suggestions for your superfood mix and probiotics:

    1. pHresh Greens Raw Alkalizing Superfood: If it contains safe ingredients for dogs, it could be a good addition. Always double-check for any ingredients that might be harmful to dogs.
    2. Probiotics: Both kefir and yogurt are excellent choices for probiotics. Farmer’s market options are typically fresher and contain fewer additives, but store-bought can be just as effective if they are plain and unsweetened.

    Your current diet plan looks balanced. Just ensure to monitor your dog’s health and energy levels, and consult with a vet or a pet nutritionist to confirm the diet meets all his nutritional needs.

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