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    Kathleen Z

    I am new to Dog Food Advisor. I am looking through the 5-star foods. I’ll click on one, find out it’s not what I’m looking for and click the back button to go on to the next one. Could you please make the previous clicks a different color so I know where I left off? There are dozens on brands to try to sift through. Is there a search that I can use to narrow down the results? For example, my dog is allergic to turkey, grains, and potatoes. I would like to find a food that does not contain these ingredients, and besides that, the review may only be for one of the flavors, such as duck, when I want to look at the beef.

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    I agree that this would be great! One thing that could help with the sorting is the Dog Food Wizard, which was created by another DFA user:

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    I used I excluded foods with chicken, since that’s one of my dog’s allergens. And then I ordered them from most expensive to least. And then I started reading ingredients of foods that I thought might work for him. It took me a few hour to make a list of about 20 foods to try.

    The Dog Food Wizard only took a few minutes, but then you need to go double check it’s suggestions, because they still sometimes contain one of the dog’s allergens.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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