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    Anna H

    I am looking for suggestions on a high quality, budget-friendly food that will help reduce stool. I am not sure if “grain-free” is the way to go, or if there are any other criteria that would help. Any suggestions?

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    Other than raw my dogs have has the smallest firmest stools on Victors Grain Free

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    Susan W

    VeRUS – hands down. I have been feeding VeRUS for more than a year and my dogs are seriously happy & healthy. They love it. I have 2 dogs (one big, one little). My mom’s dog has been staying with me for a few months while my mom heals from an injury. Her dog (Greta) was eating Purina’s grain free when she got here in August. She was pooping 4 times a day. I switched her over to VeRUS when I ran out of her food. Now she poops twice a day. Poops are consistently bigger & firmer, too. I had to take Greta to the vet today for an ear infection. He commented on her overall health & weight – he was happily surprised – and asked what she’s eating. When I told him, he was also happily surprised to find out that VeRUS doesn’t stink like regular dog foods. It actually doesn’t have a discernible smell. The formulas with fish in it smells really fresh too.
    You might have to order VeRUS (unless you live in the Maryland area). PetFlow will offer auto-ship so you won’t ever run out.

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    Jason I

    Overfeeding also causes more waste.

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