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    Barb M

    I have a student who is feeding her 1 year old Maltese – Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food and the dog is not eating it without a lot of additives.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a dry food for a Maltese that I could suggest to her.



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    elaine c

    Barb thanks for writing in for this poor dog…. If you go to you will see that what she is feeding is very poor quality and her little dog will pay for it in the long run… It SUCKS that is why the dog doesn’t want to eat it! Go to the 5 star dog foods and find something that is mainly MEAT based protein and low in carb… the fat should be average or above.. OR go to the raw sections and check out ANSWERS Dog Food and feed real food… My dogs ADORE it!!

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    I think Amicus is a smaller kibble. She should be feeding an adult or all life stages food. It seems that alot of picky eaters are small dogs & I believe that most are owner-made picky dogs. I suggest she put the food down, leave it for 15 minutes then pick it up. The dog gets nothing else til the next meal: no people food, no treats, nada.

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    Susan W

    Tell her to contact VeRUS Pet Foods and ask for a sample of their food. Their VP will email her back (contacting via the VeRUS website –, ask questions, and make suggestions for which of their foods might work best. then they’ll send free samples. It’s a great way to try a food out before investing.
    That said, VeRUS has been in business for almost 30 years w/no recalls. They have a top-notch kitchen and use really good ingredients. My dogs have done really, really well on it and when I switched my mom’s dog (small, white dog that may be either a Maltese mix or a Schnauzer mix), to VeRUS, her # of daily poops went down.
    I haven’t had any trouble with any of the 3 dogs not wanting to eat this food. In fact, I had to start using bowls for dogs who eat too fast.

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