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    Hi all-I have a 1 year old male Vizsla and I think I need to find a better food for him. He currently weighs about 45lbs, which my vet says is a healthy weight for him, but he is soooo skinny. We are very active, we go for 1 hour runs every morning, and usually gets a another hour play session of his favorite game, fetch, in the afternoons and then another 40minute-hour long walk in the evenings. I have been feeding him Blue Buffalo and recently switched to the Blue Buffalo Wilderness, he eats about 4 cups a day that I usually split into 2 meals, but you can very much see his ribs and even his little hip bones on his back. His morning stool are usually large and solid, but then goes at least two more times a day that become more and more runny. I just want to put a little more weight on him…any ideas?

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    Nature’s Variety Instinct has a few different formulas and is high calorie and very good quality.

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    Hi, I will suggest that the food you are giving to your dog, is the best one. You need not to change t, as your dog can get every nutrition in it. keep feeding the same food to your dog. And yes Vet has also suggested, so, it is the best one, i think.

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