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    Diana W

    Our 4 year old rescue Maltese (adopted in December 2014) has struvite crystals in his urine. I was feeding Acana Pork and Butternut Squash but now vet put him on Royal Canin SO. So many articles that I have read state that diet doesn’t change struvite crystals. He is also very itchy and I don’t like feeding SO because it’s not grain-free. This is very confusing. Does anyone have any suggestions how to simplify diet for Casper? Thank you!

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    May I suggest you use the search engine, this topic has been discussed many times:

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Diana, when I rescued my boy he was weeing blood, so when he was being desexed the vet did ultra scan & he had Struvite Crystals, he was put on the Royal Canine S/O wet tin food & Royal Canine S/O Kibble for 6 weeks only…. Kibble for breakfast & wet tin for dinner for 6 weeks then he had another ultra scan & all the crystals were dissolved & gone, vet said you can stop the Royal Canine S/O & feed a normal diet now….. How long has your dog been eating the Royal Canine S/O & has he had ultra scan or testing to see if he still has the crystals?

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    I wouldn’t feed that food. Maybe the vet wants him on it but you, as the owner, makes the choice. I would NOT feed a dry food. A dog with crystals needs moisture. It’s best that you feed a wet food (canned, raw etc) but if you must feed dry, add canned & water.

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