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    Lynne F

    Following treatment for a UTI (her first infection), my vet now says my 16 mo. old JRT mix has struvite crystals in her urine. She is recommending prescription dog food. Instead of the Rx food, I have changed my dog’s food to Hill’s Ideal Balance grain-free, and am adding 100% pure cranberry juice to her water as an incentive to drink. Is there anything else I should be doing? And am I doing the right thing in NOT giving her the Rx dog food? Vet says UTI is cleared up after treatment with antibiotics.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    My dogs didn’t have any UTI’s but had a high pH and some struvites. They take Wysong Biotic pH- alternating with Mercola Bladder Support in one meal almost daily. They don’t get it when they eat raw food. I use it when they eat kibble/canned meals. I would recommend getting some urine pH test strips so you can monitor that at home or take in a urine sample to be tested monthly. The urine pH relates to the type of crystal. And my dogs did see a vet, a holistic one. I wouldn’t recommend cranberry juice especially it it has sugar in it. Try a D-mannose supplement. D-mannose attracts a certain type of bacteria from the bladder wall. It’s the active ingredient in cranberry and some other berries.

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    Lynne F

    Thank you. I took a look at the Wysong Biotic Ph and maybe that is one of the answers for me. I appreciate you taking the time to help 🙂

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    Hi Lynne F. I would recommend that you purchase the PH strips readily available through Amazon and other sites. It would be less expensive in the long run than taking urine samples to the vet. Other than that I would follow pugmomsandy’s advice.

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    you need to feed your dog a moisture rich food, even if your dog drinks a lot of water, feeding kibble is counter productive to preventing UTI’s and crystals. Either raw, dehydrated foods like honest kitchen or grain free canned are your best options. I would also add probiotics and cranberry extract to the food daily. D-mannose works well if the uti is caused by e-coli bacteria.

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