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    Rebecca B

    Hi Everyone, I’m new to the forum. I joined to ask if anyone had any current information about Stop and Shop’s Companion brand Grain Free canned dog food. I read the ingredients and they appear comparable to some of the more expensive dog foods. I was wondering if anyone has any info since there is no review. We feed our dogs Performatrin Ultra grain free kibble mainly, but I use a few tablespoons of wet food as a topper since they both look forward to it so much. I prefer to have some boiled chicken/egg/veggie mixture that I make myself on hand to use but I run out and like to have a back up. I bought the canned stuff I mentioned and I was impressed by the ingredients…but I can’t find any reviews anywhere…maybe it is new? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Rebecca, welcome to the forums. I couldn’t find a review for it either. Seems as though Stop&Shop doesn’t provide a Guaranteed Anaylsis for this food. Dr. Mike might have went to go review it and was unable to find any info on it.

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    Elliott J

    Hi Rebecca

    If your referring to the stop n shop Companion Wholesome formula it looks like it came out in sep-October 2015,started buying in December,my dachshund Joey loves it but wish there was a review of this ! It’s low cost but ingredients seem great,hopefully quality control is good and product lives up to its label ? Purchased the turkey & the beef but appears the chicken is not around ? Wonder what happened !
    If anyone can look into this from this site would be great to see the testing.

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