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    I have a Jack Russell that I have had the same issues as the Mini-Pin. Had bladder issues years ago, and vet put her on urninary so. For years was throwing up on the food, not an issue for the vet. Then last year started with the pancreatitis. We have been working with a holistic vet, acupuncture, and herbal/homeopathic remedies. Amazing results. But, still working on it. I am now making her dog food. That really helps. I used Darwins raw food/chicken and duck. The only issue I had with that is the small bones, she was throwing those up and it was too costly.

    My dog has a duality of chronic inflammatory pancreatitis that is creating damp phlegm in her kidneys and hence bladder stone issues. This is what the holistic vet is working on. It surprises me, that the regular vets don’t even know this. However, I am looking for a good nutritionist vet, for making the appropriate raw diet myself. There is someone online, that you can pay for this service (but I’m a little leary to give my personal info online)! Here is the information I found online, if you are interested. She had some good things to say, such as me feeding a natural diet that included sweet potato is not good for my dog because—if the stones she is forming are calcium oxalate, you should not be feeding sweet potatoes due to their content of oxalic acid. It is also vitally important for kidney health to have sufficient calcium in the diet to 1. meet the dog’s needs and 2. bind excess phosphorus, and in typical, supplemented diets this is usually severely deficient.
    Looking online at dog diets with pancreatitis….is overwhelming!!!
    — Sabine Contreras
    Canine Care & Nutrition Consultant
    Creating Healthy Lifestyles for Canines
    BetterDogCare.com – DogFoodProject.com

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine or other holistic modalities are not taught in normal vet school. It is learned afterwards if they’re interested! I use “Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats” by Dr karen Becker/Beth Taylor. These recipes are raw or cooked and it includes a vitamin recipe so each recipe exceeds AAFCO guidelines. Even one of my friends at Pugvillage uses these recipes for her pancreatitis pugs.

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    tony L

    If you have a stone in your gallbladder, it can cause abdominal pain. The pain may be mild to severe and may radiate down your right side. You may also experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. I would like you to visit link now.If you have pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), you may experience abdominal pain that is worse at night. You may also notice that your urine becomes darker in color and has a strong odor.

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