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    My niece has a St. Bernard. She says he smells like a wet mop even after his bath. He has not changed any of his behaviors he does not scratch or drool more and she thinks the groomer suppresses his anal glands. He eats 4 health kibble. Any suggestions on why he stinks and what she can do? She says She bathes him with Adams flea and tick shampoo.Thanks

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    Jane E

    Could it be that he has a denser coat right now (age/seasonal?) and that he never dries well after a bath…also any really coated breed should be bathed twice and rinsed very well. I think anal glands need to be left alone unless there is a problem and then it is something a vet should do. Damage can be done to the anal glands when they are manipulated unnecessarily (they can be ruptured internally). Does he require a flea and tick shampoo? If not a gentler shampoo might be in order (oatmeal based or the best one I think is Eqyss Micro Tec maximum strength pet shampoo) I’ve used it for years. Also with a heavily coated breed it’s hard to *see* if they are having skin issues unless they loose hair. Is he scratching or chewing on his fur?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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