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    susan m

    I am a member of a German Shepherd site that has around 250,000 people that follow the site. One person posted a picture of Stella and Chewy kibble that had pieces of hard white plastic in the middle. I see you have it as a top Brand. I just became a member of your site. I have used the regular site for years and it has helped me. GSD’s are my heart and I am on my 5th one. So many people feed raw but I am not comfortable doing that right now. I feed one Taste of the Wild Bison. I also have one with pancreatitis that has to have low fat. I feed Royal Canine Gastrointestinal/ Low Fat. Do you know any other low fat brands for my older GSD on Taste of the Wild? GSD’s can put on weight very fast. I only feed 2 cups a day and no people food.
    Thank you for what you do!!!

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    Melissa K

    I am also looking for a high quality food that is appropriate for senior dogs (12 y/o border collie mix and 16 y/o basset/corgie mix). They have been on Merrick Grain Free Limited ingredient Turkey & Sweet Potato and producing very large poops so I don’t think they are getting much out of it. Can you tell me, do you like Taste of the Wild (other than it not being low fat), and Royal Canine? Thanks!

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    ginger s

    My dog has been diagnosed with colitis, so low fat is the way to go for us. I’ve been feeding Nutro Max grain free for the last 2 months with pretty good results. Maggie is a 10yo beagle/lab mix who is extraordinarily picky. She doesn’t gobble it up, but we do ok on it. I’ve recently started putting toppers on her food, simply nourish has a variety of shredded/chunky food she seems to enjoy that are relatively low fat as well.

    Not every dog does well on every food. So what works for one my not work as well for the other. Good luck with your research.

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    Dr. Karen Becker mentions the best dry food to be “human grade dog food”.

    Dr.Karen Becker has a great blog that I subscribe to.

    …But human grade dog food may be going through some changes now see this article:

    Concerning Change for Human Grade Pet Food

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