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    Kaleena R

    So I’ve been researching and have decided i’d like to do raw feeding for my dogs. I have looked into how to do it the most cost effective way for myself and have come up with a proposed “plan”. Would just like opinions and advice to let me know if its sufficient or what I need to add or subtract!

    So the plan is 3 days a week feed chicken quarter (bone and meat), 1 day a whole rabbit, 1 day a whole duck,and 2 days of pork(bone and meat). I would also give 1 egg a week and every other week switch duck out for turkey.

    Is this sufficient? Enough variety for health?

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    Hi Kaleena, what about adding blended veggies like broccoli, apple, carrot, celery, I use to add 1-2 spoons of the blended veggies to 1 cup of raw, I would make up a batch then freeze in ice cube trays & cover with cling wrap…
    also tin sardines in spring water or olive oil add about 3 sardines to 1 meal a day, if you go on Rodney Habib face book page he has a balanced raw recipe easy to make made by Dr Karen Becker & Steve Brown…. also are you feeding 2 meals a day??
    When I started feeding a raw diet cause my boy ate kibble he was very hungry eating the raw diet & I had to feed 2 meals a day & he still wanted more, so I gave him 1/2 cup kibble so he would settle & sleep at night, I’d hear his stomach grumbling with hunger, I told the Naturopath who’s Maintenance Diet I had him on & she said yes it can take a while for them to get use to not eating carbs, kibble is full of carbs….. Here’s the Maintenance Diet I followed.

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    It could most definitely work. However, I wouldn’t start out feeding all those protein sources at once. Pick one (chicken is usually good) and make sure they do well, then add in another. Go slow. I started out feeding a single protein source for about 2 weeks, then added another, etc, as well as organs. (Keep in mind things like hearts and gizzards are considered muscle meats, not organs; though gizzards are great for teeth on smaller animals that can’t swallow them whole.)

    I personally don’t feed pork or fish for various reasons. It all boils down to what you can ethically source, what your animals do well on, and what is affordable. Turkeys are really cheap after the holidays; if you’re in the states, you can get turkeys (even organically raised) for cheap after Thanksgiving. (Our stores have whole duck, too, during the holidays.)

    If at all possible, it might help to locate a pro-raw vet (they’re out there, trust me!) who can help if you run into any issues. Our primary vet is 2 hours away, simply because the clinic is very holistic. And as bad as the term “holistic” is thrown around anymore, they truly embody the term in their practice. Best of luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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