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    Herbert N

    I have a Maltese about 5 years old, white, and large for his size. He has now developed redish rust coloring on his face around his eyes and toward his noise. I feed him 90% Bil-Jac and about 10% Nutrisca grain and potato free. I have been feeding him this mix about 3 or 4 years. He seems to like it. Could this be causing the discoloration on the hair of his face around his eyes? Is there some adult small dog food that would prevent and cure this redish colorization? Herbina

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    TOP 4 causes of Maltese facial hair discoloration:

    **RED YEAST INFECTION – This is a very common health issue with certain dog breeds, including the Maltese. When the facial hairs are wet it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
    **BLOCKED TEAR DUCTS – This health issue is present in about 10% of all Maltese dogs. This needs to be corrected with surgery.
    **EAR INFECTION – How can an ear infection cause tear stains? Just about everything on a dog’s face is interconnected. To keep ear infections away, it is important to dry the inner ear very carefully after bath time. Do not allow moisture to stay inside. Excessive long hairs should be removed with a tweezers. Your dog’s veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics if your Maltese has an ear infection.
    **WATER – Believe it or not, the simple element of water can cause tear staining on a Maltese if that dog is drinking water with a high mineral content. If all other possible reasons have been eliminated, it is suggested to give your dog only filtered or bottled water.

    Unless his whole body’s itching, it’s not the food unless it contains artificial coloring that’s rubbing onto his hairs. See what the vet finds first.

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