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    I prefer a kibble – it’s easier, and I add fresh meats & veggies from our table. They are bathed every ten days or so.
    We are using Annamaet (for our 3 fat bitches), and Orijen for the 2 younger ones. They go outside and forage, so that contributes to new discoloration, but several look like racoons. In the past, someone recommended a brand using tapiocca as a filler ingredient; not much help.
    I bleach w/ a gruel of lemon & baking soda applied w/ cotton balls,allowed to dry and then rinsed off – used over four days it will whiten But I am hoping for a miracle diet to do the job
    and keep the faces whiter.
    Any advice?

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    Are you talking about eye staining? My Havanese had eye staining as a youngster. I switched him to canned food and used Angels Eyes. It worked very well. Since then I’ve tried kibble on 2 separate occasions, good quality, Orijen and Farmina, and both times the eye staining came back. So, Angels Eyes to get rid of it and good quality canned or raw to keep it away.

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    No, not eye staining. I especially check out any stud dog I ever use to make sure his eyes are not runny, nor have I kept a puppy for show or breeding from my litters whose eyes were overly round, or teary – though teething puppies normally have some tearing.
    You are right about Angel eyes – I use Tylan (its active ingredient) in their meals for 3 weeks 2x a year. (any dog over nine mos).Come to think of it, it’s that time – Thank you for the reminder – it’s Tylan time! I have wondered about discontinuing kibble – it will be a real inconvenience to change. Which raw do you prefer?

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    If it is not the eye area of the face, then what part of the face is stained? I have a Bichon too, and she does have eye staining. I have tried to convince her to let me wipe them, but she was like “not happening” so I just ask the groomer to do it. She is just a family pet (She’s a rescue and I don’t know her heritage) so I don’t really care about how her eyes look, but I don’t want them to blister. I will look into Angel Eyes.

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    Mainly the muzzle is stained –

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    I’m using Darwins raw, rotating with several different types of canned. It is messy, though so it may cause more problems than it solves as far as messy faces are concerned.

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    Please remember that both Angel Eyes and Tylan are antibiotics.

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