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    I just started my yorkie on the springtime joint supplement and the fresh factors. He had just finished a bottle of the Mercola joint chews,which I love. I noticed he has a lot of gas today,something he never has. The switching of joint chews and adding fresh factor is the only thing I’ve done different today. Do you think it could be these? I will wait and see what kind of stool he has tonight on our walk. Hope it’s not loose.I wanted to rotate his supplements because BC nut says she does and I think she’s pretty smart along with some others of you on here. Thanks

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    Are you starting with a smaller than normal dose of the new products?

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    No, I give him 1tablet a day . It says 1 tablet for small dogs under 40 lbs. He weighs 7.3 lbs. I emailed them and they told me one a day would be fine for his size. What do u think I should do?

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    I use Springtime, Inc. products pretty much every day. When I first start something new of theirs, like adding spirulina or a joint chew, I always start with 1/4 of the chew and work up to a whole one. They are split in 4ths and easy to break, imo, so it’s an easy thing to do. I’ve never had gas using them, but all dogs are different. Maybe you could back off and start with part of the chew first.

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    I would definitely start with 1/4 or even less. If one tablet is really fine for a 40 lb dog, then 1/4 should be a good amount for an under 10 lb dog. Feeding it a whole one is overkill and just serves to sell more product.

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