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    She lays down and loses liquid…..a very watery urine. Not much color or smell. She is spayed and has been since just after her first heat.

    When she had the pancreatitis we were blown away! Vet told us from people food but she had been eating people since she was a pup. Not ALOT but yes the occasional scrap of left over meat or potato from dinner. So no more people food we were told **poor Mistie** she begs and begs.

    So that was about 3 months ago. No table scraps since then……NOW when she lays down as she always does at my feet in the evening when she gets up there is a wet spot! sometimes just a little one others as if someone threw a water balloon. It is quite watery…no real color and not strong smell. What is going on with what was just a year ago a healthy dog???

    Changed her diet thinking that would be a good thing after the Pancreatitis. Which BTW was a huge expense 🙁 special canned food for two weeks at 60 bucks a case and antibiotics and other medications….plus over night vet stay and x-rays and tests. Anyways….here we are just 3 months later and now the urine problem.

    Right now she is eating Nurtro Natural. I need a recommendation or suggestion for what I should actually feed her 🙁 I am so sad thinking that the food I chose could be causing a problem yet again with her. (I believe that her DOG Food initially caused the Pancreatitis) NOT people food.

    Help…..for choice of FOOD for her and also Suggestions on what you think could be the cause for the urinary problem. SHE is going to the Vet yet again today at 2:30 so send positive vibes please.

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    She is currently eating this food. She has had it now for just a couple of weeks.

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    Usually acute pancreatitis is caused by a dog that has suddenly gotten something that is higher fat than they are used to. That’s why your vet thinks it’s from people food. So any scraps need to be very low fat. And she may need to be on a low fat food for life.

    Is she overweight at all? Leaking urine can be a weight issue, but it can also be caused by changes in hormone levels. You may need bloodwork to solve this mystery, but in the meantime, if she has any extra weight, work on getting that off of her.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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