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    Michael B

    Are there any spread sheets for plugging in foods to see if your giving your pup the proper nutrition?

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    Rene d

    Hi Michael,

    Try searching in google for ‘pet nutrition software’

    Hope this helps.

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    Michael B,

    For about 5 months now, I have been developing an integrated system using Excel as a complete nutrition model specifically targeted at total visibility of all elements/variables for raw dog food preparation. This initiative is not for commercial sale, is for my use to control every aspect of planning, designing, shopping, manufacturing, and feeding my dogs. The system has two items remaining to be complete before I am comfortable starting to share my knowledge, and the software development: (1) industry recognized source of canine MDR (wet) or MDR (dry with conversion methodology to wet) for all micro-nutrients and vitamins and (2) sources for concluding my research into supplements to finish the balancing.

    So,… if you want to start a dialog on this, let me know.

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    Justin A

    Hi Michael, I’d sure be keen to chat. Been searching for a guide to help design a diet that doesn’t require a proprietary supplement. I’m no nutritionist but let me know if i can help out if n any way.

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    April W

    I have been preparing a homemade selection of foods for my shih tzu who is 2 years old as a supplement to his dry food. I boil together chicken legs/thighs and add fresh kale, carrots, sweet potato and apple and shred the pieces into bite size portions for him. His name is Baxter and I call this Baxters Batch. I asked my vet about this combination and he gave me his approval. He also highly recommended I use Purina Pro Plan which I refused. I have been using Blue Wilderness High Protein for small breeds until now. After reading the editors choices I will be switching brands.

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    Peter S

    I order josera food for my dog, they always include such sheets in the package upon delivery. Also, you can download the template from their website or simply search on Google. I also use the PDF converter https://pdfguru.com/ to edit this document and input my custom proportions. Additionally, if needed, I can convert document to an image/PNG or even Excel format.One standout feature for me is its annotation tools; the ability to highlight, underline, and add comments.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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