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    Amy G

    This is Amy and I am so sorry – I do not understand exactly how this forum thing works – I did not mean to offend anyone – I thought each forum was just different groups of people talking about different topics – I did not realize that everyone read each forum – So sorry -please give me a few pointers on how this forum thing works.

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    Each category of topics (e.i. Dog Treats, Diet and Health Issues, etc) will contain many different threads, listed in order from most recently posted on to oldest, regarding that general topic. Each individual thread will have a title, which should give some insight about the particular question or discussion. The first post in a thread is the original post, where the poster will generally be asking a question and/or starting a conversation. While things sometimes do get off-topic, we generally try to stay on the topic that the original poster (OP) brought up. Also, you may want to avoid posting the same thing on multiple threads, even if it is relevant on them. I hope this is helpful!

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