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    Barbara P

    Hi All,
    I need you help please. My 13 year old pappy-poo, Sophie, was recently diagnosed with kidney concerns after a recent blood test. My vet said this will be what will cause her demise. He recommended KD dog food but she really doesn’t care for it, the wet or the dry. I have been mixing it with a few Pedigree dog food chunks (with chicken added) that says it has 8.5% “minimum” protein. She now has begun going without eating for a 24 hours at least one day a week. I have offered her many other treats (biscuits, cheese, heating it, covering it with a crushed dog biscuit, etc.) to entice her to eat during this time but she just turns and walks away. (She does drink water though.) Following the day of fasting, she will begin to eat again and will continue for several days and then this begins again. I am asking for your help and guidance in finding another food that is considered “low protein” but will hopefully keep her eating. I have searched in the grocery stores but the cans say “minimum” protein percentage so I don’t know what it really is. I have been advised to keep it at 14% or less.
    Grateful for your help,
    Barb P.
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    A couple things. You may need to contact the companies to find out the exact protein.

    The grocery store is NOT the place to shop for high quality dog food. You paiddd for an Editors Choice membership: start with those foods.

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    Barbara P

    Thank you InkedMarie,
    I truly have gone through many of the foods listed and many pages to determine that I’m unable to find one that has 14% or less protein. Previously I had Sophie on better foods but she has become very fussy and will not eat those foods and the protein is too high. (I also use rice to cut proteins.) That’s why I turned to Ed. Choice to see if there is anyone that can help guide me to something better than KD or store bought foods. When I input low protein canned food into the system all I get is that going on the low protein is questionable. That doesn’t help me.
    Barb P.

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