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    Valerie B

    Hi DogFoodAdvisor,

    I’m a long-time user of the site, but have recently been experiencing issues with my 9 year old Boston Terrier, and am posting for the first time seeking specific advise.

    Murphy developed a perianal tumor and subsequently had to have some big surgery on his little bum. After a couple rounds of chemo to shrink the tumor, 1/3 of his rectum was resected to ensure that the tumor would not grow back, and then we did a few more rounds of chemo. The surgery occurred August 1, 2014, and tests say that they were able to remove ALL of the cancer =) YAY! Now, several months later, Murph is still having some trouble controlling his bowels. He is able to keep most of it in, but if we wait too long to take him out, or, more frequently, when he is relaxed while sleeping, some poop will slip out (he usually wears a diaper, but wearing one too frequently causes the surgery site to become irritated). This was especially an issue with Blue Buffalo as his poop was too soft. I switched him to Nature’s Recipe Senior, and it really helped firm things up and make it easier – we were diaper free for over a month – but then his skin started getting REALLY itchy. Living in Wisconsin currently, I have a humidifier going and I’m using vitamin E and coconut oils on his coat, but I’m pretty sure it’s another food allergy (he developed some bumpy skin).

    I’ve noticed that he seems to be most sensitive to gluten. Are there any foods that have rice (for the filler to firm up the poop) but no wheat? Or, do you have any other suggestions? I’m becoming really frustrated even though I know this isn’t his fault. Thank you for your consideration of my story!

    Valerie and Murphy

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    Valerie B

    I should add – the gluten issue is just a hunch. We’ve tried grain free with great results as far as the skin allergy goes, but the problem is always VERY loose stool, and in this situation that’s just not an acceptable side effect. I’m open to trying any option, but have heard that Bostons are can be sensitive to gluten.

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    The legume-based grain free foods tend to make solid stools from the increased amount of fiber. Have you tried any of those?

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