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    Liz S

    We have been feeding our pug boston terrier mix ( now 8 months ) Solid Gold Dry Lamb & Rice. Went to Petco last week and they didn’t have it and their other bags looked different. The store associate wasn’t helpful, as usual.

    I just looked on their website and it is there- but in a different bag ( changed all their bags apparently ) and it was odd because there were no reviews on it. There were 4 1/2 stars but no reviews. Months ago when I read about it on their site the reviews were there! I wonder what’s going on? She needs food again and was doing well on it. The last bag I believe it was just lamb and rice. New bag says lamb, rice and barley. I MAY be wrong and it always had barley. My head is spinning.

    Our other dogs- chihuahua and italian greyhound we have had on Simply Nourish Chicken and Rice for months and they are doing so well!! Much better than all the other ” HQ ” brands we tried.

    Contemplating ordering another Solid Gold for the puppy or buying her the Simply Nourish puppy food.


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    Save the ingredient label from your current Solid Gold bag and compare it to the new bag’s ingredient list. Also you might consider rotating a couple of foods so your dogs don’t run into the problem of changing recipes.


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    oh. they’re new bags are interesting looking. you could try contacting them to find changes as well. As far as SN Puppy-I used it for a bit with my most recent and she did very well on it. I especially like the SN Source-I still occasionally toss it in rotation

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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