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    Elisa C. R

    Hi everyone!

    There may be a mention of Sojos somewhere, but thought I would just start a subject line. I, for the most part, make my own dog treats, but came across the Sojos that are wheat and corn free. Has anyone had any experience with these treats? Your opinion?

    THANK YOU!! : )

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    My dogs love the duck & cherry.

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    I’ve used the peanut butter flavoured ones and my dog loved them. They are easily broken, but you can also give one at a time without a problem (even for a small dog). They aren’t very hard.

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    They’re good, and the good dog ones are small so they actually work for training treats too even though they’re crunchy. Not too high in cal count either. The classic line (Duck/Cherry, Chix/Veg, Sweet Potato/+Cant remember? Salmon?) Are a bit bigger, but easy to break and not too crunchy. I like them.

    On topic of treats, we just got in some of THKs, and while my dogs love them, they kinda said they were quick eats so they still worked for training, and during agility last night, the pecks took Dani so long to eat that it was a bit of a hindrance, and she made a huge mess of them. Cool idea, but not sure i’ll use them much

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    Nicole V

    Hi Elisa!
    My girl loves these snacks! I’ve tried the Good Dog PB&J, Blueberry Cobbler, and the regular, biscuit-sized Bacon and Cheddar. So far, so good!

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    Yes, my dog loves the Peanut butter honey flavor of Sojos http://www.amazon.com/Sojos-Treats-Peanut-Butter-Honey/dp/B000ROR8U4 and Jerhigh strawberry flavor treats http://www.petsworld.in/jerhigh-strawberry-fruity-stix.html.

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    Talia B

    Would these be soft enough to stick a pill into unnoticed?

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    Are these treats raw? I know the Simply ones are, but what about the biscuits?

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    The biscuits aren’t raw. They also would not work for a pill, not soft at all

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