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    Rose S

    I am feeding both my large dog and small dog Taste of the Wild Prairie dry food. My small dog has very soft stools when we go walking even with the addition of pumpkin puree to his meals. Do you think I should try another food for him? I like having them both on the same food. Any feedback appreciated.

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    You can try reducing his food intake just a little bit. Also I’ve noticed that on walks, my dogs’ stools will be softer than normal if it’s not their usual poop time. It’s like walking stimulates them to go, or they smell another dog’s poop and that makes them want to leave one of their own, even when they normally wouldn’t need to go if we stayed home. Does that make sense?

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    My dogs stools are always looser & multiplied when on walks. Stimulation? Scenting? I don’t know but it never fails. He’s not a bouncy poop kind of guy so I don’t even consider the ones on a walk as far as how a food is sitting with him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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