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    First time dog owner with no experience. I have a 6 month old, 7 lb Japanese chin for over 2 months now. Breeder had him on Diamond lamb and rice. So I picked up a 30lb bag because that was the smallest bag they had at the time. I would give him 1/4 cup of plain kibbles in the morning and a 1/4 cup at dinner and topped it off with a Natures recipe(tub) different favor each day. Everyday he would always get really excited for his dinner and always went back to lick his empty bowl. So far no problems whatsoever with his health or poo. 

    My vet thinks that Diamond is not as bad as people make it sound.  So I’m getting mixed opinions,  and I read a lot of bad reps about the brand. 

    I like the idea of getting him on rotation. I don’t care how much it costs, as long as he’ll be healthy in the long run. I have a couple of brands that I’d like him to try from your 5 star list. I chose these brands because of the ingredients and based on the breed forum recommendations:




    Wellness core

    So the first brand I tried is Candied pure element (lamb) grain free. I really like what’s listed on the label. But my boy seems to not agree with me. He had a couple of kibbles and walked away. He would not touch his kibbles all through the day. He kept going back to sniff and walked away. Dinner time (he’s always excited as usual) so I mixed it with his wet food like always (Nature recipe), he would eat/lick off the wet food and spit out the kibbles. 

    This is weird because my boy would never reject anything I’ve given him, he would eat anything out of my hands. Am I making the wrong choice here? Any recommendations would be highly appreciated, because I would like him to be off Diamond if it’s not good for him.



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    Canidae is made by Diamond, among other places, and has been rather inconsistent in the quality control department. I would trust your dog on this one and try the next food.

    Annamaet and Earthborn Holistic are good ones to try.

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    I agree with the Nut; Annamaet is a good food, so is Fromm and Dr Tims.

    Regarding Diamond, they’ve had a number of recalls. There’s time between them then bam, another. IMO, there are way too many other goods out there with better tract records to choose from.

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    I’m currently using Wellness Core Small Breed for my miniature dachshund, and Wellness Toy Breed Complete Health for my 60 and 130 pound mixes (hey, they like it lol). I’m very happy with both, and Wellness is always my go-to brand when I can’t get any good deals on anything else. If you want something less expensive, Pure Balance at Walmart is a great food that I’ve used before with good results as well.

    I’ve always heard good things about Origen, and I hear mixed reviews on the product quality of Merrick (mainly the Whole Earth Farms being greasy), but over all it seems like a good brand.

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    Thanks guys!! I will keep your suggestions on my “to try” list. Fromm and Annamaet seem promising, right now I only wish they have pics of their kibble size on the bag. I think Canidae kibbles are too hard for his teeth especially since he’s still teething. So I’m not going to push him on it and also since it’s manufactured by Diamond. He’s not too crazy about Diamond kibbles, the only reason he’ll eat them is because I top them off using Nature Recipe. He devours it in less than 5 minutes. I’m a little concerned about Nature Recipe since it’s made in Thailand. I’ve tried other canned foods by other brands and they don’t look as good as Nature Recipe and my boy’s not too crazy either.

    Akari_32, I do agree with you about Merrick. That was the 1st product I wanted my boy to try, but every time I go to the pet store I come home with something else. I did try their can products, as I remembered it did made my boy poo a little mushy, but no diarrhea. 

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    Annamaet kibbles are about 1/3 the size of Canidae kibbles. If a kibble is too hard, you can soak in in water for a few minutes before feeding.

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    For softening kibbles, you can also use a little extra canned, and let it sit a while before feeding. I do both ways (extra canned and water) to soften or make kibble more interesting. Some dogs fall for the water trick, and some don’t lol

    I’ve not heard anything negative (or positive, either) about food made in Thailand. However, I don’t use Natures Recipe very often, so I’ve not ever looked in to it.

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    jakes mom

    If he’s having trouble with kibbles while he’s teething maybe you could try The Honest Kitchen or Fresh Pet.

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    You could “whip up” a batch of bone broth to use to moisten his kibble also.

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