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    Kathryn A

    I am struggling with my 3 mo old foster puppy (dachshund) having diarrhea. Tested neg for all parasites. I had been feeding her Wellness Small Breed Puppy but the diarrhea was terrible, tried the Wellness Complete Health puppy and the diarrhea continued. Tried to supplement the probiotics with a little organic pumpkin, and it didn’t work. I was shocked this didn’t help considering the probiotics in the food as well.
    The vet prescribed her RX food made by Purina and I do not want to continue feeding her this, although it has helped with the diarrhea, I hate Nestle/Purina anything.
    Any suggestions for a different food?

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    Hi, my boy has IBD & Wellness made his poos worse Wellness is very pea heavy & barley heavy…. Stay on the Purina vet diet for now if its helping & making the diarrhea stop, was she put on Metronidazole (Flagyl) ?? My Patch also a rescue dog that I ended up keeping,
    had to stay on a vet diet for 1yr to let the bowel heal & get better, but at 9months I started trying new foods, I could always fall back on the vet diet when the new kibble didn’t work, have you tried cooked meals?? like Chicken & sweet potatoes or potatoes?? lean cooked meals normally firms up poos, I feed cooked chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli, zucchini for dinner & a kibble for breakfast now but it has taken Patch 2 yrs for me to work out what foods he’s sensitive too….I got him at the age of 4 yrs old & who ever owned him just feed cheap super market kibble vet thinks he was sensitive too the kibble & they didn’t care about his diarrhea & kept feeding whatever was causing his diarrhea which has now cause his IBD so try not to let the diarrhea go on & on, when you start introducing a new food start using new food as a treat watch poo if poos seem the same after 2-3 days then start adding new kibble to vet diet….
    these are the kibbles that didn’t give Patch diarrhea, Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon, Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb,
    Canidae has their Pure limited ingredient grain free formulas & their Life Stages Formulas stay around the same fat % protein % & fiber % as the vet diet if you can, you can go up a few % but don’t jump from 20% protein to 30% protein same with fat % if fat says 12% don’t get a kibble with 18-20% fat etc & look for limited ingredient kibbles less ingredients are better so there’s less ingredients for her to be sensitive to, I wonder as she gets older will she get itchy & have the skin allergies aswell :
    I hate vet diets BUT they seem to work & help them get better when nothing else worked,
    even though she on a vet diet you can replace 1 meal with a bland cooked meal then what I did was I seen Patch can eat chicken, salmon & sweet potato & Potato then I looked for a kibble that had fish & sweet potato or chicken & potato…
    Patch cant eat boiled rice it irritates his bowel & gives him diarrhea… have a look at California Natural Lamb & Rice it has just 4 ingredients & a few dogs with IBD do really well on the California Natural kibbles…also Honest Kitchen Zeal you just add water you can buy samples but still feed 1 meal the RX Purina Vet diet…
    add things to diet slowly & only do 1 thing at a time so if you give a piece of chicken as a treat don’t give any other foods kibbles etc that day so you will know what caused the sloppy poo if it happens…

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    Kathryn A

    Yes we did have her on metro for a week and it did lessen her diarrhea but did not stop it. I will continue with the RX diet and once her bowels are more regular maybe SLOWLY reintroduce another food. Will definitely look into brands you suggested!

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    Joyce B

    Those are all great suggestions. My sensitive stomach Pom girl had trouble with Wellness Small Breed and I couldn’t figure out what was bothering her because the ingredient list is a mile long. (It’s a very good food and my other dogs were fine on it.) Also pumpkin didn’t help my girl and neither did probiotics, which both seemed to make the situation worse. Limited ingredient is the way to go with sensitive dogs. It’s at least way easier to figure out the problem ingredient. A good food for a sensitive stomach is Canine Caviar Special Needs, but the protein is low so I added boiled white chicken to it and my girl did great on that combo. From there I knew, as Susan suggested, what ingredients I could look for that were OK. So we have since “graduated” to higher protein, limited ingredient, lower fat foods with chicken. (I like Honest Kitchen.) Best of luck!

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