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    Our dog has always had a gorgeous coat, no skin issues at all anywhere on his body. He got tired of the dog food we had been giving him so we switched him to Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Bison. He now has eruptions of these red oozing bumps on his elbows and the area around his muzzle is red and very irritated looking. I’m sure it’s probably an allergic reaction to something in the food as it has happened only since feeding him this. Has anyone else had such a reaction from this food? I’m of course switching him back to what he’s always been on immediately and I’ll just spice it up with some added meat to get him to want it again. Just makes me sick that I’ve done this to him and caused this reaction. Any input about this is appreciated. Thank you…love this forum Rypke

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    I haven’t fed BB, but I have had the skin issues. One of my dogs can do that on grains and chicken. Look at the ingredient list on the BB and the food he is doing well on to see if you can determine what might be his trigger. I figured out grains very quickly with mine, but it took a little longer to realize chicken was a problem because when we went grain free we also switched off chicken and it was months before we went back to a food with chicken.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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