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    Sandra W

    Does anyone have a thought about the size of dog food pieces? I tried a food that was supposed to be really good but the pieces were REALLY small – like the size of a mini chocolate chip. My baby has a big mouth and dropped a lot of this food. He doesn’t seem to like the big chunky bites, tho. Any ideas? Food brands? Anything?

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    Regarding kibble size:
    Orijen is big, Nutrisca is small, Fromm is medium sized. They are all quality brands (imo)Check reviews on

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    Susan W

    I like the size of VeRUS’ kibble. It’s a little smaller than a dime but thicker. My little dog doesn’t have any trouble eating it and my big dog can keep it in her mouth. It seems to fit them both well.
    You can contact VeRUS through their website. There’s a contact form you can fill out. They will email you back, ask you some questions about your dog and send samples.
    I got interested in them because they’re on a list of dog food companies that have never had a recall. I liked that, filled out the contact form and received some really nice samples in the mail. My dogs love it, so we’re hooked!

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    Pro Pac Ultimates Grain Free beef is extra small, lamb is small and triangular, fish is medium round almost like a mentos. Wellness TruFood is baked and it has the consistency of broken cookies. Wellness Core is generally medium to large. Zignature is medium round but flat.

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