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    James K


    I’ve been feeding my 17 weeks old Maltipoo puppy Wellness Core Puppy since he’s 8 weeks. He’s 6 lbs now and full of energy (too much sometimes). He used to gobble down the food within a few minutes, but lately he has been less enthusiastic about his food. I was wondering should I switch to dry food with less protein? Wellness Core is at no less than 36% protein. Any other recommendations for small breeds?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi James,
    Congrats on your new puppy! I don’t think you need to switch to a lower protein food. The myth of high protein causing kidney disease in dogs has been disproven, and high protein should not be a problem in puppies, with the exception of large breed puppies, who have special requirements. Wellness Core is a great food, however no food is absolutely perfect. For this reason, me and many other “regulars” on DFA support rotational feeding. Learn more about that here: /frequently-asked-questions/diet-rotation-for-dogs/

    Remember to always transition slowly between foods. Adding a digestive enzyme or probiotic can help if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Also, until she is around 6 months old, make sure all of the foods you are feeding are listed as “puppy” or “all life stages.” Good luck!

    Edit: Just saw the part about her not liking her food as much. Rotation could help with this, if she is getting bored of the same stuff. Also, adding a small amount of wet food, or even water with some dogs, can help make the food more palatable.

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