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    Hi Everyone! I am considering opening a pet supply store. I was hoping that I may be able to get some feedback here. My top priority in this venture would be to provide healthy choices and help educate my customers. What determines where you make your purchases? How loyal are you to a specific brand? Is there anything that you would like to buy from a local store that you are unable to find? Is price as important as informed sincere staff? I’m sorry if I come across as hounding for information. I would just like to get opinions from pet owners who are aware of the importance of nutrition for their pets. Years back, I almost lost a cat to diabetes because I was mislead and didn’t educate myself to understand his nutritional needs. Buster was on insulin for 2 months. I took him off Science Diet and started feeding canned food and he recovered so swiftly it was like it was all just a bad dream.
    Thank you so much for any input!

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    Quality and variety are very important to me. I don’t want to pay more than a food is worth, but I don’t mind paying more for GOOD food. I haven’t met anyone in person working at a pet store yet that I would consider to be educated enough to advise me on food choices, but it sure would be refreshing. There are a couple people on here that would qualify, but they don’t live anywhere near me.

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    I dream of winning the lottery so I can open a dog food store. I’ve thought about what foods I’d bring in. I’d choose companies that haven’t had a recall. I’d have Fromm, Earthborn, Dr Tim’s for starters. They’re good foods, good price point. I’d have Annamaet as well. I’d probably have Acana and Orijen because some think higher price automatically means better foods. I’d have some dehydrated as well. I’m an Honest Kitchen fan so I’d have that as well as Grandma Lucy’s. I’d have Primal pre made raw, probably Stella and Cheweys. Canned too.
    Educated staff is of utmost importance.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Ooh I would love to own my only pet food store. 🙂

    What would be important to me is a wide variety of high quality foods and an educated staff. I’d want selection of all types of food – raw, freeze-dried, dehydrated, kibble, canned. I’d also want an extensive natural supplement section.

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    I would also carry NutriSource. Like HDM says, lots of supplements. Quality treats and toys too

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    Quality products and a knowledgable staff are why I shop where I do. I drive past several Pet—- whatever stores to get there. You should carry what’s not availlable at the larger stores such as a good selection of raw products. You won’t be able to beat them in pricing so products and service is what you’ll need to emphasize. Of course you’ll need a customer base that can afford what you offer, as in real estste, location will be very important. I hope it works out for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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