Shepherd had 1/3 of intestines removed… Need good food

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    richard B

    When my shepherd was about 12 weeks we had to take him into the vet. He had intussusception where his intestines were folded over into one another. Well, he had to have 1/3 of his small intestines removed. He had very loose stools and is not absorbing the nutrients from the dog food. We have him on Purina Pro Plan Savor but we have to feed him 9 cups a day when the recommended isn’t even 3. He is always hungry and very underweight. He is only 32 lbs and he is 5 and half months old. We really need to find the right food and I have spent hours researching and have not found what I am looking for. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Take the dog to a Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist, ASAP

    Sounds like he needs a lot more than just the right food. He should be under the care of a specialist.

    Or, at least check in with your General Practice Vet, the dog most likely needs a prescription food and some more diagnostic testing and treatment.

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    Patricia A

    richard are you sure there is not a recurrence of the problem which can occur as stated in article below?
    An incision will be made into the abdomen to allow the surgeon to examine the internal organs. If the bowel affected by the intussusception is in good condition, it is massaged to separate the telescoped bowel. In most cases, the affected portion of bowel must be removed and the bowel surgically reconnected.
    Up to 20% of patients that are surgically treated for an intussusception may have a recurrence of the problem; however, if adjacent loops of bowel are tacked to each other with sutures (called “surgical plication”) this problem can be prevented.
    Occasionally, an intussusception can spontaneously reduce by itself and the bowel will appear normal at the time of surgery; however, the intussusception commonly recurs if the bowel is not surgically plicated.
    Has you shephard been eating normally without diahrreah problem and sustaining a healthy weight up until now? I imagine his digestion several weeks after his intestinal surgery would or should go back to normal and no reason why he would have to have “special” food since your vet did not mention any future complications in his digestion to you???

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    Patricia A

    Did you vet ever check for this common disease in German Shepherds?

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    carol E

    Richard, MY 2 1/2 yr old shepherd had mesenteric torsion this past winter and its been 7 mo’s now . We have spent 40,000 in recovery and still going. A couple of weeks ago his liver enzymes went to almost 7000 which should have been about 112. So he stayed overnight in 24 hr care and gave him antibiotics and liver support pills. and Hill’s science diet ZD which he ate like a horse. He had been on a raw diet always and had lots of energy. He had loose stools for quite some time and now are getting better. I am not a fan of H S D but he has gained weight now about 13 lbs. He should be about 70 to 75 lbs and he was 55 after he came home and did not gain a pound. After the liver problem and he came home he started to gain weight and eat really good. I am at a point where I would love to get him back on raw but not sure if he can do it. The first ingredient in Hills is cornstarch. I have done so much research and getting no where!!! Have you found anything helpful. Carol

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