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    Holly B

    I have 3year old 110 pound Doberman with very bad gas. He doesn’t have solid feces as well. I switched his food awhile back to natures domain chicken and sweet potato since it got decent reviews, it didn’t help. I’ve since tried 2 different probiotics to help with his stomach and no change. I finally asked my vet and they recommended science diet sensitive stomach (which they sell, surprise surprise). I would like an unbiased recommendation on a decent food for a sensitive stomach. I looked at an article for sensitive stomachs which listed the top 5, the only one I recognized was blue buffalo which I considered but Im keeping in mind that I have 2 large dogs who eat 6-7 cups of food a day between the two so price is a factor as well. I want my boy to feel his best and also stop stinking up the house, please help!

    Thank you

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    Hi, you need to read the ingredients & make your own mind up if it’s the right food for your dog, only you know what your dog does the best on, not the Dog Food Advisor, what works for 1 dog with a sensitive stomach may not work for your dog or my dog….
    Has your vet done test on his stool (Poo) to rule out parasites? or a Endoscope & Biopsies on your dog stomach & small bowel to have a proper diagnoses what’s wrong with your poor boy so you know what is wrong with your dog, he can’t keep doing sloppy poo’s he’ll end up with thickening of the bowel as he gets older…
    The Hills Science Diet Sensitive stomach formula is just a pet shop kibble made for all types of dogs with a sensitive stomach & it has chicken in it, is your dog sensitive to chicken? my boy wouldn’t eat it when I first rescued him, the pet shop man recommended it, it may work & he’ll do firm poo’s cause it has Beet Pulp in it, Beet Pulp is in most vet diets & it firms up poo’s, so does dried chicory root what is used in grain free kibbles more natural….
    Have you tried any of the Hills prescription vet diets or the Royal Canine vet diets for IBD?? this way if one of the vet diets does work then you’ll know yes he can do firm poo’s what are the ingredient’s, what was the fiber % was it high was it low in fiber was the fat low or high same as protein normally lower protein is better for these problems around 25% & start looking for a cheaper premium kibble like the vet diet that worked…
    My boy has IBD & finally I found “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb, it has limited ingredients & has only ONE protein, Lamb, when a dogs has diarrhea/vomiting it’s best to feed a diet with just 1 protein & a protein your dog hasn’t eaten before or hasn’t had much of it & ONE carb like Sweet Potato.. Bad gas can be a food sensitivities, my boy get’s real bad farts when he’s sensitive to an ingredient in a kibble or when he had Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth S.I.B.O he needed Metronidazole (Flagyl) for 30 days… I did an food elimination diet to work out what Patch reacted too, this is only true why to know 100% what foods they’re sensitive too….. If the TOTW is too expensive, Costco sell the Kirkland Signature Salmon & Sweet Potato kibble, it’s made by TOTW & it’s the TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon formula but cheaper then TOTW.
    When your feeding meals are you feeding 3 smaller meals a day? this puts less stress on the stomach & bowel, they don’t have to work as hard & there will be less gas happening in the bowel, a dog farts shouldn’t smell now when Patch farts I hear them but I don’t smell them thank-God…. normally cow pattie poos is the Large Bowel problem, yellow sloppy poos are the small Bowel, small bowel needs less fiber, large bowel diet need more fiber…the TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon has only 3% fiber that’s why dogs with EPI do really well on it…
    Another kibble that worked for Patch excellent firm poo’s & is a good price was “Pro Pac Ultimates” Bayside Select Whitefish & the Meadow Prime Lamb, made by the same people that make Earthborn Holistic kibbles…they also make SportMix Wholesome kibbles Lamb & Rice 40lb bags sells for $30, Pro Pac Ultimates 28lb bag of grain free Meadow Prime Lamb kibble is around $35 a bag try & stick with a grain free with no chicken..
    Fish kibbles are also good for dogs with sensitive stomach, fish is easier to digest & the kibble will be higher in omega 3 fatty acid which helps heal any inflammation in the stomach & bowel…. I’d try one of the TOTW formulas I have recommended, either Salmon or the Lamb, a lot of dogs with EPI, IBD IBS & SIBO do very well on the 2 TOTW formulas I mentioned, has your dog been tested for EPI??

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    Mia T

    my vet recommended Pure Vita holistic pet foods , Venison &red lentils entre. My dog had horrific gas before eating this food. now hardly any gas at all . however he poops at least 5-6 times a day . is there a happy medium ? he’s a boston terrier . something high in fiber but will cause less gas ?

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    Hi Holly-

    I dont understand this statement: “I finally asked my vet and they recommended science diet sensitive stomach (which they sell, surprise surprise).”

    It is fairly standard for a pet store, vet, or online pet food retailer to recommend a food they sell. I work for an independant family owned pet store and I recommend foods we carry all the time. I’m not going to send a customer somewhere else to purchase their food and give business to another store and I’m sure if the customer is in my store it means they want to purchase a food from my store.

    You could try 100 different foods, but without an actual diagnosis as to why your dog is having gas and soft stool it’s just a guessing game. Personally I prefer either Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach or NutriSource (not grain free) for bowel issues.

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    Alexander A

    I agree with Pitluv that it’s standard procedure for A Vet to recommend a product they sell. They stock & sell it in the first place because foods like Science Diet have peer reviewed feeding trials and studies behind them proving that they work for their intended purpose. My dog had to be on SD’s k/d formula for a while, which my Vet sold, and he also recommended the Sensitive Stomach for chronic diarrhea from a kidney/prostate infection, which we were able to get OTC. They were both very good foods that helped manage a severe medical condition. I really don’t see anything surprising about why any Vet would want to prescribe it.

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