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    Hi, I have a 7 year old Welsh Terrier. Almost immediately as a pup we had food issues with him. We found Science Diet Sensitive Stomach worked pretty well. About a month and a half ago, when I went to buy more food I noticed that the Science Diet packaging and kibble appearance changed. Almost immediately he was having similar troubles as when he was a pup. I don’t know if the formula changed and by how much but I’m at the point where I need to try another food.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    Well science diet isnt a great food to begin with. If they made changes to their formula, your dog may need time to adjust. I would reccomend You should browse the top rated foods on this site, it really helped me choose a food for my dog who has a sensitive stomach. I know lamb, rice and potatoe are good ingridients for dogs with sensitive stomachs as they are easy to digest.

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    What type of issue is you dog having? I originally thought my 4 year old Cavalier was allergic to Chicken and/or dairy products. He would get an upset stomach and would always want to go out and eat grass so that he could vomit, not his food, but mostly bile. I would switch brands (I was using Fromm Gold) to Canidae Lamb and Rice. It would make a difference for a while and then it would start all over again. Switching a recipe would help occasionally until this past Spring and nothing I did seemed to help. The vet checked him out and found that he had quite a bit of yeast in his stool. Grain-Free foods didn’t really seem to help him, so the Vet recommended a probiotic. He had Purina Forti-Flora in stock, but after 2 weeks it wasn’t making a difference. I went on a forum here and someone recommended Mercola Complete Probiotic for Pets. What a difference this product has made! I saw immediate relief. It’s hard enough trying to get your pet to switch to a new dog food if his original recipe has already been changed. I would highly recommend giving the probiotic a try! Good Luck!

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