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    Jean T

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a food for sensitive stomachs?

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    Jane E

    Honest Kitchen Force,Pure Vita turkey…depends on if you have narrowed down what irritates your pups sensitive stomach….It is always good to trial with a single douce protein and in fact the simpler the product the better

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    I have no experience with it but people here, on DFA, have said that NutriSource works well for sensitive tummies.

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    Cheryl H

    My vet has put my dog on prescription dog food. Once it was because of crystals in his urine and now because of a bout of diarrhea and vomiting. The crystals went away soon after he was treated for the urinary infection, but I had to keep him on the Hills prescription food for several months. I did some research to find a good quality food to transition from the prescription food. During my research I read numerous negative reports and posts regarding the quality of Hills dog foods. I chose a Blue Buffalo dry food that worked really well for several months. The soft stools that he had while on the prescription food feared up and there was no recurrence of the crystals. I bought a fourth or fifth bag of the BB and immediately had problems. At first my dog wouldn’t eat it and when he finally did, he got really sick. I chalked it up to a bad bag. I then bought some Blue Basic grain free, lamb formula and things went back to normal until the third bag. My dog became violently ill following the second serving from the third bag. My vet again has put him on a Hills prescription diet (ID). Any ideas about what to feed next? I’ve read that canned food might be better for dogs with urinary tract problems because of the water content. Any suggestions for a quality food for a sensitive stomach? Never using BB again!!

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    Wellness “Simple Limited Ingredient Diet” in Grain Free (Turkey & Potato Formula).

    Stay away from Hills anything.

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    Cheryl H

    Thank you for your suggestions. I’m going to give Wellness Simple a try.

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