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    I have a dog with sensitive skin and it got infected. after 2 trips to the vet I started the kid on a venison only dry food moistened with water. It was pretty good for a bit but he is scratching again. He likes the rub under bushes during his walk. Any suggestions on shampoo?

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    Hi Aviva669,

    I’d love to be able to help you. However, you’d probably get more replies to your question if you’d re-post your comment in a more relevant area like our “Off Topic Forum”.

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    Hi aviva669,
    Try Dr. Bronner’s mint oil, shampoo. Dr. Becker (DVM) says its got the correct ph balance, and it will keep off fleas, etc. stop all other flea and tick treatments. 🙂

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    are you talking the dr bronner’s peppermint soap?

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    Yes, apparently all castile sosps have an acceptable ph for a dog’s skin.

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    Jackie B

    Zymox brand shampoos are great for dogs. My friend who runs a giant breed dog rescue uses them. And they have excellent Amazon reviews.

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