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    Tara L

    We are currently on wellness whitefish and potato due to our 9yo sheltie having corneal lipid dystrophy. We have to avoid all poultry and poultry fat products.
    His last 2 sets of labs were a little off, so our vet (who we love) has suggested a food trial ~ senior food with lower protein and fat than what he is getting now. With the wellness, we are getting 22%protein and 11% fat.
    We thought we found a new food that would work, but realized after lots of research we missed that it contained some type of chicken fat product that we were trying to avoid. Looking around we discovered NaturalBalance Vegetarian (18%poultry and 8% fat)
    Does anyone have any other recommendations for a poultry free, senior food that I can start researching again for the lowest protein and fat I can find? My brain hurts 😊
    I’m going to keep looking – but appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Most of us here frown on vegeterian diets for our dogs.

    There are many other high quality foods without chicken as the main protein; some have turkey, duck, lkangaroo, goat etc. In the search, type in best low fat foods & links will come up. I don’t feed low protein nor low fat so I don’t know off the top of my head.

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    Hi Tara L-
    I feed my dogs Whole Earth Farms Pork, Lamb and Beef. It is poultry free, and I think it is fairly low in protein and fat, but maybe not as low as you are looking for. There really is no standard set for senior dog food. You may want to check out three and four starred foods on the review side. They tend to be lower in protein. Good luck to you!

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    Tara L

    Inkedmarie- I’m not sold on the vegetarian diet either. 😊
    Crazy4cats – thanks. I’ll look into to that one. I emailed the vet- I’m waiting on a reply.

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