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    Sharon L F

    I had always been told that senior dogs 8 and over need to eat lower protein food. My greyhound is now 8 and I feed acana dry food with has a higher protein than senior foods. Am I damaging her? She has always been on 5 star foods and is healthy now. sharon

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    Senior dog food is usually for purposes of weight loss, constipation and/or decrease in kidney function. So a healthy older dog would not benefit with an unnecessary change to less calories, more fiber and low protein digestibility. Like a senior citizen at the gym vs one in a wheelchair wouldn’t have the same diet. So keep doing what you’re doing!

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    Jane E

    Origen white paper is worth reading from top to bottom (Goggle it). Here is an excerpt:
    Protein requirements actually increase by about 50% in older dogs, while their energy requirements tend to decrease. When insufficient protein is provided, it can aggravate the age-associated loss of lean body mass and may contribute to earlier mortality.

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    If your dog is healthy, you’re doing fine!

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    Ann O

    I am trying to figure out best food for my dogs. A toy poodle who is 10 and a terrier who is 5. I have been buying from a online place. My food has started getting bad reviews. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I feed them dry food and boiled chicken breast. My dogs are both rescue dogs. Also what is best rawhide and treats for them.

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