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    Caro E

    I wish you had a Senior Dog Food category, just as you have one for Puppies.
    Is it going to happen?

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    Alot of us, myself included, don’t see the benefit of senior food. Senior dogs need a higher protein food and most of them have too low protein.

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    It is a marketing ploy to appeal to the guardians of senior dogs. Senior dogs do not need a senior food. In fact, more senior dog foods on the market are totally inappropriate for senior dogs. Senior dogs need more protein, not less. It is out of date thinking to advertise lower proteins to senior dogs. I have a very senior dog and the foods I feed her are between 38 – 68 % protein. 38% is on the very low end of what I would feed her or her two sisters.

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    Senior dogs have decreased ability to use the proteins in their food, so they may need as much as 50% more high quality protein just to get the same amount out of their food. This may mean that senior dogs should not be fed kibble at all, but it definitely does not mean that they should be placed on a decreased protein diet. That can lead to all kinds of problems.

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    Hi Caro-
    There is no AAFCO guidelines or requirements for “senior” food. Therefore, it is up to each brand to determine what they are going to call their senior food if they carry one. Some brands’ senior foods are a little lower in protein and fat. Making them a little higher in carbs. Some brands maintain the protein level while dropping the fat and calories. Most of them have added glucosamine and/or chondroitin.
    So, you see, it would probably be best to pick a four or five star kibble and add some high quality canned or fresh protein to it to make it more digestible for your dog.
    I have fed the Nutrisource Senior food to my dogs. They are only three years old, but I liked the ingredients and analysis of the food. My dogs seem to be better with a little lower fat kibble as I add canned to many meals and it tends to be a little higher in fat.
    Another thing to keep an eye on is fiber. Some senior and healthy weight dog food tends to have high fiber which could be good or bad depending on your pup.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Sarah Y

    I’m interested in the research on seniors needing more protein. Would you have anything to share? Just trying to educate myself. I’m feeding a senior formula (Wellness) to my 12 year old beagle. Thanks!

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    An article from b-naturals:


    An article from mercola pets:


    And this comment has some research links it it:


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    Sarah Y

    Thank you! I appreciate it. I’ll take a peek today!

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