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    Christine N

    I was looking for advice on a supplement for my Chihuahua with a hear murmur. He will be 12 this August. The vet said on one side he is a grade, and 4 on the other. She said it has progressed since the end of last summer. I was looking for advice on a supplement that may help him with his condition.

    Thanks so much!

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    A lot of small breed dogs develop a heart murmur as they age, often the condition is benign.
    Unless your vet recommends medication or a specific supplement, I wouldn’t add anything.
    Maybe a fish oil supplement once a day.
    Remember supplements are not medication, and sometimes they can cause harm.
    Google SkeptVet and check out his blog on supplements.

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    If you want to take an aggressive approach to his treatment and if you can afford it, consider seeing a specialist. Ask your vet for a referral.

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    Duane P

    I have to agree with the suggestion posted earlier about using fish oil supplement. I believe the Omega 3 and Omega 6 benefits of fish oil are good not just for joints and coats but also for the heart. I’d like to share this article which has helped my babies a lot:


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    Debra E

    Standard Process makes a Cardiac Support Supplement that a seasoned, top notch dog rescuer had recommended to me when one of my Maltese was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Blood work also showed he and his “brother” needed Denamarin (now available generically as Sylben, a Milk Thistle Extract plus hepatic support (liver). Bambi’s heart murmur was never a problem and both the 15 yr. old and 11 yr. old (who were seemingly on their last legs) found new life and energy here in Florida with my 90 yr. old dad and I had them on Blue Buffalo (before the recalls, as they assured us they only used human grade ingredients). Even their treats were only Blue. Their bloodwork 6 mo. later was NORMAL and except for old age, they both lived to be 14 (when Bambi’s trachea suddenly collapsed and we had to put him down) and then Beebop (17) died of a broken heart in my arms the 2nd night after his passing. I now have the last of the 3 Maltketeers, Thumper (nearly 16) and am trying to cope with is severe arthritis — which is going amazingly well with a combination of Western and Holistic DVM care (accupuncture, supplements, Adequan shots, Rimadyl, Tramadol for pain, etc.) Hope that helps. They can live a long healthy life even with a heart murmur. Just keep an eye on your Chi and look for panting, easy exhaustion and do regular checkups. Hugs, MalteseMom

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