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    My senior has been eating Blue Wilderness Senior for years, now we think too high in protein. Blue Buffalo said to switch to Freedom Senior, but it’s not available. PLEASE, PLEASE someone tell me a 4 or 5 star grain free, low protein senior food.

    Thank you!!!!!!

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    I’m not sure about being too high protein, possibly….but it could be anything in the food. I have a Cavalier senior that had symptoms like your dog. Adding a good probiotic/enzyme supplement and feeding a good sized biscuit before bedtime helped her. She is not eating a senior food or grain free, atm, and she’s doing great. I do rotate and I just switched the dogs from Victor to Annamaet Encore. I do also add canned toppers and the probiotics mixed with a little water at each meal. They get a Wellness biscuit at bedtime.

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    Why do you think it’s too high in protein? Generally, seniors need a quality higher protein food.

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    Which senior flavour is he on as the Red meat has 7% fiber, Peas & pea fiber, the Chicken has 6% fiber & Peas.. I think the fiber is too high…I just looked at a few of their other recipes & the fiber is around 6%-7%, I think that’s too high.. Maybe change to another brand that’s lower in fiber with no peas or pea fiber & see how he goes.

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