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    Gail S

    Does anyone have problems with their dog having seizures? Our dog has
    Occassional seizures. Does anyone know what will help the seizures?

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    Ellen G

    My doxy has had seizures since he was 2 yrs. I researched this product and it really helps control and can stop the seizure while happening. The site is Allergic Pet and he is on VSF Nuroplex Herbal supplement and drops. You can read up on all those dealing with Pet Seizures and how it has helped lesson or elimate (as long as they remain on the program). I did not want to put my Ozzy on the drugs the vet recommended, too many side effects. I do have to be careful using different heart worm and flea and tick meds. Frontline plus caused an immediate seizure and had to bath my dog with Dawn blue dish soap so please stay away from it. Many owners even lost their pets so before giving your pet anything read side effects. If it lists seizures stay away!

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    The first thing you need to do is go to the vets. No one here can diagnose seizures in a dog.

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    Seizures are threshold events. That means as long as your dog stays under threshold, it won’t have a seizure, but when it reaches it’s threshold it has one. All dogs are different and what causes your dog to go over threshold may be different than what affected mine, but here are the things that should be done for ALL dogs who seizure. Get your dog on a natural food. I would recommend Nature’s Logic or homemade. Remove chemicals from your dogs environment. These include, but are not limited to: air fresheners, scented candles, perfumes, dryer sheets, strong detergents, pesticides, cleaning products, herbicides, any unnecessary drugs, etc. Keep your house as stress free as possible. Some dogs react to particular things and you may have to do a bit of detective work to figure out what triggers a seizure in your dog.

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    Stacy H

    I definitely agree with seeing a vet ASAP.

    My dog Sisko has unfortunately has had grand mal seizures ever since I adopted him in November 2012. He would have them every several weeks.

    Tried removing toxins, good diet, natural supplements, no more heartworm medicine… unfortunately he still ended up being put on phenobarbital.

    I wish I had thought of it sooner, but we’ve actually had tremendous benefit with a hemp supplement. (The one I use is called Canna Companion.) On phenobarbital alone he was having seizures every 16-19 weeks. After adding the hemp supplement, we’re now over 30 weeks and counting seizure-free. His mood also has been improved greatly, more energy, playing with toys again. Just my own little story and something to think about.

    Also, I have personally found this website to be quite valuable to me in dealing with seizures, even if it hasn’t been updated in quite a long time:

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    This was years ago but my dog had (idiopathic) seizures that started at the age of 9 months, he did well on a low dose of phenobarb and lived to be 14.

    He was never drowsy or had any side effects, the vets may have other medications they use now.
    I would consider asking your vet about treatment options, or have him refer you to a neurologist.

    Otherwise the dog suffers, it’s like a fire storm in the brain when they are experiencing a seizure. Uncontrolled seizures can cause more neurological damage…..

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    Sam Koch

    Definitely see a vet. My 4 1/2 pound Chihuahua at home started having occasional seizures, then they grew to be 5+ in a day. She ended up having Encephalitis and is now on Keppra for the rest of her life. Keppra is great and she hasn’t had a seizure since starting it. If you want to go with a more holistic approach I would ask the veterinarian.
    Take care.

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    Lori M

    My 3 year old Husky had her first seizure last monday….my heart wouldn’t stop racing for 3 days…it was terrifying. After she had time to come out of it and rest for a couple of hours i took her to the vet. My vet did tell me that the first thing they tell people is to immediately stop the heartworm medications related to seizures and he listed (3), Iverheart, and either Trifexus or Comfortus and one other…i don’t remember which. Yancy was on Heartguard and he said that one was OK. I remember the Iverheart clearly because i had her on it for about a year, the year prior. I had tried it because of the price, it was quiet a bit cheeper. I’ve gone to a grain free, high protein dog food and started making my own puppy jerky in my dehydrator, in order to better manage what toxins make it in her body, but i’m still conflicked about bones…Any suggestions? I’m like a sponge now, this all very new and scary for me, so any and all comments are appreciated.

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    Watch and wait, if the dog has more than 1 seizure a month the vet may recommend medication, not a big deal…see my previous post. Idiopathic epilepsy is not unusual.

    First, they want to see if it is just an acute situation related to the flea/tick pesticide or the heartworm pesticide. A one time reaction to some toxin.

    It may be a fluke, she may never have a seizure again…..
    Best of luck.

    PS: You could consult a homeopathic vet
    I don’t believe everything they say, but, some of it makes sense.

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    Lori M

    I wondered about the VSF Nuroplex Herbal supplement and drops, glad to see someone has experience with it…for sure no vet is going to endorse something like that. I’m getting a wee bit ticked with the vet…all they want me to do is wait and watch….the only thing they offerred was making sure she wasn’t on one of the three heartworm meds that weren’t recomended. When i called and asked about an alternative flea med to Frontline all they recomended was Advantics and a list of other drops that worked the same way, no powders or any non-invasive types. I understand they have to be careful what they recomend, but it’s a ridiculous amount of money we pay them for what i feel like so far with these seizures has been little to no helpful information. I saw the one recomendation for the flea powder…can i get some more feedback on that….I don’t live in a city big enough to find it here i’m sure. Chances are i’ll have to buy it on line anyway. Any and all suggestions for alternative flea and tick meds would be appreciated!! I live in the south so not using anything is NOT an option. We are deep in flea, tick, and heartworm territory.

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    They are all pesticides (flea/tick and heartworm preventives) not medications.

    I am in the same boat, lots of woods here. I use Advantix II every month, late spring-fall, Sentinel every 6 weeks May-November. Annual heartworm test.

    I also use Preventic collars (amitraz) sometimes alone or in conjunction with topicals.
    Some vets may say this is too much, some vets say it is okay, but to apply them at different times, I suspect the collar is only really good for a month anyway (not 3 months).

    I also use homeopathic remedies such as Wondercide spray, brewers yeast tablets, a garlic clove about once a week….all controversial.

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    Lori M

    I hadn’t thought about the treatments as “using pesticides on my dogs”….thanks for that comment…it made me think about it…hard. I try not to over medicate them…I try not to give them anything for fleas and ticks during our very short winters here. I keep my yard treated and i spray inside my house twice a year. I really wondered if some how Yancy had this seizure due to the yard treatment i had put out the week prior to her having this seizure…I’ve used the same type treatment for years, same brand and never had any problems…and it had rained a almost every day for a week when she had the siezure… I’ve also noticed that Yancy has never liked taking her flea/tick treatment….i have to hold her….which seemed odd…no other dog has ever minded a little drop on the neck. Maybe she’s known something i didn’t all along… I’m not sure this one seizure is all she’s ever had, it’s just the only one i’ve seen. My dogs are on thier own, in the house all day, i work monday-friday but manage to make it home for lunch with them. I’m afraid she may also be having them when she sleeps to some small degree…

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    It could be anything that caused the seizure, it may even be genetic. If she was having seizures while you were out, eventually you would see signs, such as urinary incontinence, confused states, staring into space, sleeping for long, long periods of time (postictal)

    Was it a hot day out? If they are overheated they can have a seizure. Over excited?
    I took a year old yorkie to the vet (years ago) she had a seizure on a hot day, they kept her overnight, medicated her for a couple of days.
    It never happened again, except for some occasional mild seizure activity as she aged, she lived to be 16.
    Anyway, she never needed meds.
    But another dog I had, started having seizures at the age of 9 months (after being neutered) He went on a low dose of phenobarb and was fine, he lived a long life too.

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    Lori M

    It wasn’t a hot day…its just now easing up into the 80’s…i’m sure it was low to mid 70’s that day. She doesn’t go outside much once it gets over mid 80’s, she’s glued to the AC like me. She’s so excitable and so hot natured i’m very mindful of her in the heat. I actually keep my AC and heat at the temp that she’s comfortable at, not me. I may be in flannel jammies when it’s 95 outside because i keep the house around 65 for her. Else she acts like it is a chore for her. Husky’s hair is so thick, i don’t think i’ve honestly ever seen her skin except when she was spade. I wonder about using topical powders and sprays to control fleas because of how thick her hair is…if they will work. Wish i could figure out how to put her pic on my profile….not that computer savy… Did any of your dogs seem to have seizures in thier sleep?

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    No, I never noticed anything unusual in the morning. They all have those weird dreams where they are running in place, moving around, barking a little. But, not seizure activity.

    I don’t like the powders or sprays…they can become airborne, I really don’t want to inhale that stuff. I’m leaning toward the Virbac amitraz collars, in fact I am trying to order some now and they are sold out at a lot of places, that’s a good sign imo.

    It is very rare, but a brain tumor, among other medical conditions could cause seizure activity. The vet would have to do x-rays and maybe lab work to rule out, you don’t want to go there if you don’t have to.

    Most seizures are diagnosed as “idiopathic” which is a fancy medical term for saying, they don’t know what caused it.

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    My yorkie had a seizure. Did blood work and his t4 was 0.5 we did the thyroid panel test and he was hypothyroid so I give him Soloxine every day. I knew about all the usual signs for hypothyroid but couldn’t believe it could cause seizures. I got Dr. Dobbs book on the. Thyroid epidemic and it can cause them. She also said it causes behavior problems. She said so many dogs were returned to the shelter and when they started them on thyroid medicine their behavior problems disappeared. Great book!

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    Rachel R

    I actually just got my shipment of nuroplex from I got the capsules and getting the liquid next week since that helps then while having a seizure. I went to my vet but they want 400 in labs or 2000 for a scan. I researched for a long time and all the symptoms match epilepsy. My dog has been taking the nuroplex for 2 days, I open them up and dump the powder in a treat so it’s easier to eat . I have been giving him filtered water and switching to more of natural food diet. I really hope this starts to help him, I spent over a hour reading all the reviews on nuroplex and so many have has success so I pray this works. My dogs eyes get so glazed and droopy . The film looks like it’s coming up fup from the bottom of his eye…he howls and trys to hide himself . I recommend trying nuroplex if u don’t have a cpl grand to get a scan to see if it’s a tumor or something … at least it’s natural and helps the liver instead of different chemicals in prescriptions

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